My First Inglot Eyeshadows Freedom System

The pictures and video pretty much say it all. I think you can tell I am pretty happy with these eyeshadows, and for me (having tried UD, MAC, Tarte, L’Oreal HIP, Revlon creams, Stila, Smashbox, Nuance and many more, that’s saying a lot). You said, “Try Inglot,” and I did, and I am not disappointed. Thanks!

In the picture directly above I am wearing the orange color and the brown color as a light contour. Great pigment, lovely soft sparkle (not chunky). Very smooth, almost creamy, but not heavy like a cream shadow. You don’t have to build a lot to get color. A lot less than the one MAC bitter that I have (which I still like, but I do think these are better).

I love the magnetic palette cover!


pans contain: .09-.11 oz depending on which kind you get. I guess they are different weights.

Mac pro palette pans contain .05 oz. So you’re getting almost twice as much product with Inglot for only $6 (as opposed to $12).

Colors starting at top left and going clockwise are:
12 shine (the brown), 407 pearl (the fall orange), 08 shine (the pale shimmery),74 AMC (the fall purple-red),


purchase at:

23 thoughts on “My First Inglot Eyeshadows Freedom System

  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been thinking about trying Inglot, but already have so much makeup and as such, would feel like a jerk buying more. But this post really, really makes me want to get some.

    By the way, your skin is super glowy and amazing. What do you do?


  2. Why thank you Ashley! Hmmm…well I use Clinique Acne system because I used to have acne (don’t really much any more), and I use (and swear by) Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer as my daily skincare product, which really helped clear up my skin and just makes your skin tingle with happiness because of all the citrus. I think it did as much as the Clinique did, but they worked together. And in these pics I’m also wearing Inglot YSM foundation number 41 on top of my Tarte TM, which my hubby threw in as a surprise and I really love it! I’m going to be reviewing it soon. Besides that I like to use masks and scrubs and such, especially enzymatic ones. (Like Nuance wild lime exfoliator). Dermalogica Sebum Clearing masque is also good. You can check out the Tarte TM review here (, and in those pics that’s all I’m wearing on my face. Thanks again for visiting!


    1. Do you have the AMC foundation or the YSM foundation, or is there another one? Glad you like the shades – I’m astonished that I’m happy with each one especially since their website is not too accurate.


      1. We get very hot summer (up to 34 degrees Celcius), rainy season (where it rains non-stop) and better-than-summer sort of winter (down to 24 degrees Celcius in Bangkok). I know 24 degrees is nothing compared to other regions of the world… but it’s a lot of difference considering that we get average 30 degrees most of the time. 🙂


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