Sleep i-Divine Storm Palette


sleek idivine storm palette

sleek idivine storm palette

sleek idivine storm palette

sleek idivine storm palette


sleek idivine storm palette


This photo below with the strap awkwardly in front of my face reminds me of a photo my Mom has of herself when she was 17.


Inglot – a Christmas Inglot story

inglot freedom system quad silver and purple

I wrote this post before Christmas but then figured people didn’t read blog posts at Christmas so I decided to wait until after Christmas to publish. 

My husband decided to surprise me early with my Christmas presents, so I would have them when we go to visit my parents in NY.

An Inglot Christmas quad.

I also got Too Faced Shadow Insurance – this is my eyeshadow many hours later. Unlike UD primer potion, which never worked for me (I’m sure I’m the only person in the world), it didn’t make my eyes crackle up. It wasn’t too hard. It made my already favorite shadows go on like butter and stay put without feeling tight. So far it’s a winner. I haven’t had time to give it a full test, but this is many hours after applying.

too faced shadow insurance vs urban decay primer potion

I also got Inglo​t Cosm​etics AMC Eyel​iner Gel 90. A sort of very dark chocolate. It goes on like butter but is quickly a tatoo that is impossible to take off with any normal means that I use while doing my makeup (which is usually licking a cutip, haha, to try to make minor adjustments – that didn’t work). I’ll let you know how my favorite Sonia Kashuk Remover does tonight. Again, many hours later it is unchanged. And it’s only $12! Another score for Inglot.

I’m so pleased with my Christmas present. So far I have a very good impression of everything.

So ladies, how did Nate do?

My First Beautylish Inglot Order

inglot freedom system inglot 421 inglot 477 inglot inglot 20 inglot 317

I would not be a good friend if I did not tell you shoppers and skincare and makeup enthusiasts about my Beautylish experience, especially since I nearly “fell through the floor,” when I found out Beautylish now carries Inglot.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

is beautylish a good company

have you ever ordered from beautylish

DSC09205 (1024x768)

my first beautylish order

beautylish inglot order

my beautylish inglot order

order inglot freedom system eyeshadows

inglot freedom system palette quad

my inglot freedom system quad inglot 477, inglot 20, inglot 317, inglot 421

inglot freedom system inglot 421 inglot 477 inglot inglot 20 inglot 317

inglot freedom system inglot 421 inglot 477 inglot inglot 20 inglot 317


Colors below:
clockwise, from top left:
inglot 421, inglot 20, inglot 317, inglot 477

inglot freedom system inglot 421 inglot 477 inglot inglot 20 inglot 317

I consider this little block of four colors to be one of the most beautiful things I own. It is holding minimalist art in your hand and I cherish it.

inglot freedom system inglot 421 inglot 477 inglot inglot 20 inglot 317


inglot 477, inglot 20, inglot 317, inglot 421

inglot 477, inglot 20, inglot 317

Mac and Pop Beauty, Uban Decay and all the rest, have nothing over on Inglot.

You mean Beautylish actually carries Inglot now??? Woohoo!

inglot freedom system eyeshadow

If any of you have ever tried to use the website, you know it sucks. There are no swatches, the image quality of the shadows is terrible, not to mention tiny, with misleading color, and even the act of trying to add an item to your cart feels archaic. But we love the Inglot shadows, and especially the Freedom System, so we put up with the guessing game that is buying Inglot shadows in the US.

All that has changed with Beautylish.

Ahh the clarity!


Every single color is swatched for you on light and dark skin, not to mention the high resolution pixel perfect clear image of true to shade eyeshadow square itself.

Oh the possibilities! A purple and gold quad with black?


Maybe a purple and silvery-white quad with a navy-black instead.

inglot freedom system eyeshadow

Now you can actually see what you are ordering, create wishlists, see the product, etc.

This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! (Haha, not quite, but you get the point. I’m excited about + Inglot). Beautylish now has a loyal customer. Maybe I will always order from, so I can throw “just a $6 shadow” in my cart. Never before has that been possible. No, Inglotcosmetics had a $50 order minimum. Who wants to buy $50 of eyeshadow all at once? Not me. Beautylish’s low free shipping requirement means you can buy exactly enough for a quad – four shadows and a magnet quad, and get free shipping. It also means you can add a single Inglot product to a cart full of, say, foundation or skincare products, and also get free shipping.

I love shopping.

Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – Green and Coral

inglot 39, inglot 08, monday morning makeup inspiration, wear your vitamins

DSC_0089 (1024x683) DSC_0091 (1024x683)

I just love this green from Inglot, and I’m always happy when I find an eye and lip pairing that works – it seems I have tricky skin for eye and lip colors as nudes never work on me and a strong eye/strong lip can be really overdone. This green and coral works!

I didn’t mean to look mad.

Products used:

  • Paula’s Choice Best Face Forward foundation
  • Sonia Kashuk Lip Sheer in Melon (very lightly applied)
  • Inglot 39 shine
  • Inglot 08 shine on inner corner of eye (layered over 39)
  • NYX retractable liner in green and brown
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara
  • Sonia Kashuk Glisten Duo
  • Paula’s Choice Face Powder

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Shimmer Neutral – it’s finally here and I’m so excited

sonia kashuk eye on shimmer neutral review and swatches

It’s finally here. I saw it at Target today while buying a workout shirt. I’ve been looking at Target about 3 times a week.


sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches  sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-3 sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-4 sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-5 sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-6

Swatches, left to right = clockwise starting with the palest color. Do my arms ever look long!

eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches-5 eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches-3 eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches-2 eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches

Now for the review:

I’m very pleasantly surprised with this product. I’m very picky about my eyeshadows and have returned almost all shadows I’ve bought. The only ones I’ve kept thus far are my beloved Inglot shadows, and my one Pop Beauty Pop Portfolio .

These have a silky and creamy feel. A long time ago I wasn’t crazy about some of the less creamy less pigmented SK shadows. I remember the shadows to be more dusty and less pigmented, including ingredients I didn’t love, such as calcium oxide, which I think made it sort of chunky and less creamy, and may have had a low irritation concern for some sensitive eyes (like mine). Now however, the calcium oxide is gone, and dimethicone is the second ingredient, which would explain why the shadows are so creamy and velvety. Other things like silica and nylon probably also contribute to the silkiness of the shadows.

There is a bit of fallout with these shadows, but I always thought there was with Urban Decay as well, and these shadows, the Sonia Kashuk ones, don’t hang as heavily on my eyelids.

This is your SK brand UD Naked Palette. The colors as strong, as seen from above, with no primer. Tap them on for a strong color.

Gold on the bottom lid. Second palest champagne shimmer all over base. Slate grey, next to black, on outer corner, Palest champagne on highlight area (above crease).

sonia kashuk eye on shimmer neutral review and swatches

More looks coming soon, when I get to know the colors better.

I can’t wait for this – Sonia Kashuk Fall 2013 – Eye on Shimmer Neutral

Image stolen from Sonia Kashuk’s blog post.

eye on shimmer neutral

Those just look like the perfect colors for any occasion. And they match my fingernails today.


Eyeshadow Wishlist

“There is nothing you want as much as that which you once had.” Marisa

You’re not a true beauty blogger if you don’t own tons of eyeshadows and palettes right?

1. Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance


Kat Von D Ladybird Kat-Von-D-Ladybird-7851

This just seems like the height of sophistication – and it’s getting good reviews. And it’s not too overwhelming.

photo credits to

2. Sonia Kashuk Eye on Dazzling Color

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Dazzling Color

It’s the new Fall Limited Edition. It looks beautiful.

Photocredits to

3. Sonia Kashuk monochromatic Quads


They’re just so beautiful!

4. Sonia Kashuk Eye on Fall Color

Never have I regretted a swap so much. I thought I could buy it again. I couldn’t. It was gone. It’s been forever gone. I prefer it to the Eye on Fall Color because it lacks the dazzling chunky sparkly ones in the middle. I loved this palette.

sonia kashuk eye on fall color palette

Photo credit to

I’d love to hear what’s on your wishlist!! Feel free to leave linkbacks. 🙂

E.L.F. in Toys R Us?

e.l.f. sugarkiss beauty book

I don’t know why my husband likes to sometimes steer us towards Toys R Us whenever we are in that plaza. I think he was deprived as a child.

So there we are looking at the building sort of toys, puzzle things and stuff like that. Besides that we just wander around and indulge in simultaneous boredom at each others choice of aisles.

Him: Star Wars Legos

Me: Diaper Bags (gotta find fashion somewhere)

Him: Strange action figures (can we please get out of this aisle)

Me: E.L.F.???

Yup, E.L.F. in one of the toy aisles. Just look at the bright colors.


On second thought, these colors look like loads of fun. Why is this only for little girls for dressup?


The price is the same as grownup girls ELF Beauty Books.


And so is the formula.


They even had a mega book with completely wearable shades.


Now I’m not a huge E.L.F. fan, given the choices I have of Pop Beauty and Inglot. But if you are, maybe you should check out Toys R Us?

Sonia Kashuk Fall 2013 Collection

I am excited about the Sonia Kashuk Fall 2013 Collection. I love her new colors and products every season!

Images credit of Sonia Kashuk and link directly to SK website.

sonia kashuk fall 2013

sonia kashuk fall 2013

I have my eye on the eyeshadow palette – is there anything that goes on your wish list?