A Calisbury Christmas—my Christmas book hit the market this week

Once upon a time in Wyocena, WI, a little girl drove home from a candlelight service in Wyocena, WI with her family of eight in their big yellow station wagon to find the front door lined by lights and the porch covered knee-deep in presents. They walked up the sidewalk to the house in awe, her white stockings glistening with the snow that fell over the little shoes she wore with each step. Each of the six girls had multiple gifts addressed to them, and what an explosion of happiness there was in the tiny grey saltbox house—a house built by their own father. The anonymous givers gave her a white teddy bear that she never forgot, a cheerleader doll named Mandy, and memories that would never leave her heart—the magic of Christmas.

It’s been a total of seven years since I sat in a coffee shop on a rainy December day waiting for my husband to finish his Christmas shopping, scribbling with a pencil in a feverish state, with the sites and sounds of Christmas around me and the most precious memories of Christmas in my heart. The story above is true, and I imagine this is only the first tale its kindness will inspire in me.

The little story I wrote has finally become an illustrated Christmas children’s picture book. I am so touched to be able to share it with you now. “A Calisbury Christmas” is ready to order now in the hardcover edition on my website and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other places online! (The artist is licensed Dreamworks, Star Wars, and Disney artist Adrianna Vanderstelt—pretty cool).

The first 50 orders from my site (the first link below) get an autographed copy.

Order here: https://marisaporter.me/a-calisbury-christmas/

Here: https://www.amazon.com/Calisbury-Christmas-Marisa-Grace-Porter/dp/0578605163

Or here: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-5332151-8046.html

This is my first print book. Its message is so important to me, the simplicity of sharing and kindness, of empathy, and of belief that light is stronger than darkness. You have all supported my journey in some way or another. If you want to know how else to support new authors, here are some of the best ways:

  • Buy their books
  • Tell others about their books
  • Leave fair and kind reviews on Amazon and other markets
  • Ask your bookstore to order the book (this is a simple thing you can do that really helps!)


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