By Enduring

I don’t know why this Wednesday seems gloomier than other days the past few weeks when I’ve really been very level and happy for weeks. Maybe it’s because it’s seems too long until the weekend, and it’s my first week of getting up at 5:30 to work out and I’m tired. Maybe it’s because it’s … More By Enduring

Stars will Align

Stars will align And you will find Your right abode. Stars will align And you will find Where you belong. Stars will align And you will find Your treasure gold. Stars will align And you will find Your proper fit. Stars will align And life will give In to your gift.  

The Merit Report

She saw the merits she had worked for The accolades The coveted reward Most people looked forward to. And then she knew the answer. When she realized that they did not matter, She finally knew where she belonged. She expected warmth When she found the document again. But all she felt was strange detachment. And … More The Merit Report

Happy Thursday

Thursdays are quite possibly the best day of the week. Tea tastes better on Thursdays, and I drink more of it. My makeup turns out better, and if it doesn’t, it’s no big deal. I usually like whatever I am wearing on Thursday.  I have a feeling of goodwill towards other people on Thursday. I … More Happy Thursday