A Million Sunsets

Bit by bit Hour by hour A million sunsets A thousand hours A hundred wishes Myriads of dreams It’s all too much  For one lifetime Of waiting for Another day All I have is today I can’t wait for tomorrow To be with you.

Stars will Align

Stars will align And you will find Your right abode. Stars will align And you will find Where you belong. Stars will align And you will find Your treasure gold. Stars will align And you will find Your proper fit. Stars will align And life will give In to your gift.  


Suffering cannot last forever Green and living sorrows Will be as the wind-blown leaves. Wind-blown sorrows, Wind-blown dreams – Your tomorrows Will see them as fallen brown and autumn leaves. By the time the leaves turn brown, They’ll be withered on the ground. Suffering cannot May not, Will not Last forever. (c) Marisa Porter 2005-2012

The Merit Report

She saw the merits she had worked for The accolades The coveted reward Most people looked forward to. And then she knew the answer. When she realized that they did not matter, She finally knew where she belonged. She expected warmth When she found the document again. But all she felt was strange detachment. And … More The Merit Report