Summer Makeup Series III – Soft n Smokey Fuschia

A soft smokey for special days, those who love dramatic looks or summer evening cocktails. The silver smokey eye with a touch of purple plays beautifully with the Fuschia Lip Sheer from the Sonia Kashuk lip sheer collection. I’m back to my versatile Sonia Kashuk Glisten duo (is there anything this blush color can’t be worn with?) blended with the Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Bronzer in Warm Tan. This looks says stunning and glamorous. Again the pop of fuschia on the lips pulls this looks towards a light-hearted cheeriness.

Check out all 3 looks in my Summer Makeup Series. 🙂


sonia kashuk lip sheer fuschia pop portfolio

sonia kashuk lip sheer fuschia pop portfolio paulas choice antioxidant serum

ssonia kashuk lip sheer fuschia pop portfolio paulas choice antioxidant serum

NYX Retractable Pencil vs Urban Decay 24/7 – Budget Buy Alert!!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and being low on cash is the mother of learning to make better buying choices.

Now this is much easier now that I’m not doing it in a vacuum. For one, I use my new blogosphere for information and buy what people recommend. Second of all, I use to search for the cheapest “best” products.

Both have made me feel like my beauty budget has doubled, when in fact, it has been cut in half. 😦 (Necessary sacrifices made to live on one income + variable income).

The friend I was having coffee with last week said she still can’t find an eyeliner that doesn’t print on her lids. Now I have exactly the same problem. I have been using Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, which I never actually purchased. They were given to me in a swap.  They are very likable pencils. They are all I’ve worn since the day I’ve gotten them but they are, for crying out loud, $24 a pencil.

Enter I clicked on beautypedia reviews > best products > eyeliner > pencil. Narrow it down to anything below $6 and you had only 5 choices. One was discontinued which left 4. One said you had to scrub off the eyeliner with a silicon based remover, and one said it really didn’t last as long as the others. So I picked the cheapest and best sounding – NYX retractable liner.

1-hour-after-applications 1-hour-after-application-eyes-closed

So this is the liner in the morning and two hours later.

And this is the liner 8 hours later.



1. This eyeliner sets and doesn’t budge or print.
2. This eyeliner, though retractable and not able to be sharpened, still makes a nice defined line.
3. It is not as smudgy and last longer than 24/7. Some people might like the way you can easily make a smudgy smokey look with the 24/7. You can nicely do it with the NYX retractables, too, though.
4. The 24/7 pencils have more sparkle and variation in the color.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t buy a 24/7 pencil for $24 when I could buy one that’s even more long lasting for $4.19. Or 3 for $8.



Oh yeah, I got 3 colors. Black, lime green and bronze. Because when I got to Ulta there was a buy one get one 50% off, and there was a $3.50 off coupon, and the single product only costs $4.19. So I got all 3 pencils for $8.

nyx-retractable-pencil-waterproof-lime-green-bronze-and-black nyx-retractable-pencil-lime-green-bronze-and-black nyx-retractable-pencil-bronze-lime-green-and-black