Two hair videos – check out Extensions and Alopecia Update

This one is a fun video where I was loving my beautiful Jon Renau hair.

And this is an update on alopecia and extensions, etc.



Comparison between Jon Renau Julia and Jon Renau Zara

jon renau julia wig 42730

Some pics of Jon Renau Zara

Jon Renau Zara 42730

And some of Jon Renau Julia

jon renau zara


There’s some great comparison videos and photo below!

Refurbished Hair by Wigs by Pattis and Awesome Signature Hairline

Sorry for all the hair posts lately, but lots going on!

Hair Care Update for Jon Renau, how to have Silky Hair

These are my own experiences with haircare for synthetic hair and do not replace professional advice.

Jon Renau and too much product

jon renau zara on valentine's day

So learning the dos and don’ts of my Jon Renau Zara hair continues as I adjust to having about 50 times more hair- don’t use so much product! (Number 1 was don’t use a boar’s or normal hair brush).

But Vee and Patti from Patti’s Pearls are amazing and I am going to update you early next week, probably around Tuesday or Wednesday, with what they are doing for me and how they are helping me fix this and help me know what to do going forward. Stay tuned for Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration tomorrow – Sunset look! 🙂

Jon Renau Zara II – using the proper tools is really important

My mistake with taking care of the Jon Renau Zara hair and how it got fixed. Jon Renau Take Two.

If you order one of these amazing products, ORDER THE PROPER TOOLS ALONG WITH THE ORDER RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise you’ll be needing something and you won’t have it and you will be tempted to substitute – bad idea as you’ll see below. 🙂

After lots of tears, I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

Stills from an upcoming video – I’m so happy with my hair

Only a fellow alopecia or cancer fighter could understand my happiness right now. Or a close friend.

I am compiling a fun video with a lot of different options for those wanting to see what you can really do with a custom hair piece like this.