I care for your deeply.

There was something little on my mind but I put it out of my mind to offer encouragement to some friends I knew were hurting, some friends I just know online. I got up to go get a second cup of tea and this “thing” came up again with its little bothersome thoughts, but louder than the thoughts a voice that said, “I care for you deeply daughter.” It was like God was speaking directly to me. Telling me that even though there are people in the world going through a lot bigger things than I can imagine, He cares for me and every little issue deeply. It made me feel so good and loved.

Thank you for calling me

When I realized the house was completely still and there was nothing tugging at me one way or the other.
When it was as quiet inside of me as it was outside
When all the problems and mayhem of this world did not come to the deepest place of my heart
But You were nearer still.
The quietness is something I do not understand.
But I take it.
I take peace.
For it is by rejecting this peace
That men are led to worry, complain, hate, fear, become bitter, kill.
For we are so small and powerless,
Yet not insignificant.
The smallest part of the gear on a whole massive configuration of wheels that control the world
Not the center
Not the Ruler
But never forgotten.
Never forsaken.
Never alone.


I intend to win. Whether or not you recognize that is your problem. I intend to make every person that has underestimated me in the past mad. At themselves. And every thing that has stood or is standing in my way just became really tiny. Cause I don’t intend to loose. Did you think if you ignored me or told me I wasn’t good enough I’d go away? Guess what – I’m still around.