Cozy nubby homemade jewel-toned scarf

After being unable to find a scarf that fit my standards, I decided to make one. I loved that it was better than anything I could find. I loved that I made it. There is something so precious about things you make yourself. You’re the only person that has something exactly like it. It’s a piece of your heart and creativity.

Then one day I lost it. After driving to every local place I could think of where I might have left it (grocery stores, cafes, yoga studios), and asking if they had it in their lost and found, I had to admit my scarf was gone. I hope that a homeless person has it.

I could not part with my scarf though, so I decided I had to make it again.

I felt overjoyed when I found the exact yarn after going to a few stores. Walmart didn’t have it, but Michael’s did.

I love the nubbiness and jewel tones of the wool.

Day one:

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And it begins. Replacing my lost scarf. #crochet

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Two weeks later:

homemade crocheted scarf jewel tones nubby warm winter

homemade crocheted scarf jewel tones nubby warm winter

homemade crocheted scarf jewel tones nubby warm winter

I totally love it. I’m so glad I “found” my scarf again.

Directions for crocheters: Chain 21.

Row 1: Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook. Double in next chain, single in next chain…across the row, double crochet in last chain, turn. (10 singles, 10 doubles. Helps to remember: odd numbers single, even numbers double).

All other rows: Chain 1, single crochet in first stitch, double in next, etc. Turn. Continue until you like the length of the scarf. Fasten off, knot, and weave in your end.

How about you? Do you have any DIY projects you love or are planning? What are you favorite hobbies?

Lime Ricki – cute fashionable one piece bathing suits

It doesn’t have to be itsy bitsy.

I mean if you like it that way, that’s your business.

lime rickie bathing suit

But this is 100% me.

Turn blue jeans cuffs into DIY cell phone pockets

Have a loved purse that would be a perfect purse if it JUST had a cell phone pocket? I have more than one of these great purses that has the perfect shape, size, look and fabric but has either inadequate or no cell phone pocket. Take my Trades of Hope Sonia purse – this purse is so beautiful in quality and looks. It’s a lovely bag with no extra pockets.


Now I’m not much of a sewer, but I cut off some capris the other day because I didn’t like the style of the legs anymore to make them into shorts. Then I had these cuffs left, just lying there staring at me.

jeans cuffs to diy cell phone pocket

So I cut even more fabric off till about 1 1/2″ from the cuff and button. So much of the work is already done for me. I simply turned out the inside flaps of the bag and zig-zagged the cuff onto the flap.

jeans cuffs to diy cell phone pocket

jeans cuffs to diy cell phone pocket

I had to tuck the fabric in a bit so it didn’t flop outward from the weight of the phone.


Then it flipped down into a cellphone pocket. Perfect size and I preserved the detail of the button.

turn blue jeans cuff into cell phone pocket diy

It’s amazing how much more organized my purse is with just this one additional pocket.

I think I’ll put one on the other side for keys or sunglasses – it was so easy. After all I still have the other leg! 🙂

BTW, the shorts are cute, too. 🙂


Pinterest – Trades of Hope and Other things I love

I wanted to share with you some favorites from my pinterest pins.

Bright, colorful, artisanal, artistic, expressive, whimsical – all of the following are items I am craving from Trades of Hope. – an organization that empowers women out of poverty, prevents trafficking, and helps gives victims new lives and aftercare. You can help end slavery and buy them from any Trades of Hope reseller, or from my own Trades of Hope party – today’s my last day! Ask me for an invite or sign yourself up here., (ending June 15, 2013).

deepaqualayerednecklacebig fa665367bad924be131efc35f34068ae flowerbowlbig haitibraceletbig karinecklacebig StripedBag trileafearrings 42d18fbdecc0d398dd58805fa243cb72 fbe86f1df40d1954156629b526dfafa9

Rescue the hopes & dreams of North Korean refugees! Grab a shirt that provides protection & aid to North Korean refugees hiding in China ►


This shirt, lip color and hairdo combination says elegant, feminine and lovely.


Is it bad to be pleased with my own haircut? After all my hair woes, I think not! 🙂 Happy and thankful for beautifully blended extensions.


Mixed metals.


Trades of Hope

trades of hope tri leaf earrings

I am having a Trades of Hope facebook party. It’s through my own personal page, not Wear Your Vitamins. It profits artisans all over the world that have been delivered from lives of slavery, trafficking, and extreme poverty. I have never been able to emotionally escape the facts of the horrible slave trade or sex trade, so instead I advocate for these women, children and sometimes men or families as often as possible. It just makes sense that I, a girl who loves beauty, purses, and other feminine fashion and household works of art would use this as another avenue to help and promote the cause of organizations who are actively rescuing human beings from exploitation.

Check out this wish-list Sonia Striped Bag, perfect for summer:


The Sonia bag is made by lepers in Bethany Leper Colony whose lives are being changed with dignity and love. When you buy this bag, you are giving hope for a new life.

And these stunning delicate earrings! I love them.

trades of hope tri leaf earrings

These tri leaf earrings are created by young women in impoverished villages to prevent them from being tricked into the sex trade or sweatshops. When you buy these earrings, you are empowering women and preventing horrific abuse.

Wish that jewelry was a normal and necessary business expense!

redeemed necklace

The necklaces are made by women who are trafficked to the US from other countries promised jobs as actresses and dancers, but tricked into a vicious cycle of sexual abuse. These girls have been delivered from the industry and receive aftercare, counseling and life skill training. When you buy this necklace, you are empowering women and facilitating healing and restoration.

These are just some of my favorites! There is so much more at my Shop to End Injustice Trades of Hope Online Event. Check it out! 🙂 It lasts until June 15th.

Let me know if you have any questions. By the way, you can buy these things even after my event is over, but you’ll have to find someone having a Trades of Hope event.

Facebook URL:

Target’s Xhileration brand always has such cute stuff

Fashion Departure – What I would dress like if I could: Desigual

One word: Desigual.

I can no way afford desigual. (Except for some pieces on ebay!).

Here are some of my favorites (not on ebay 😦  ).

DESIGUAL Cheetah Skirt


DESIGUAL Geinchi Dress

DESIGUAL Geinchi Dress

DESIGUAL Motorhead Denim Pant

motorhead denim pant



DESIGUAL Recuperar T-Shirt

DESIGUAL Recuperar T-Shirt

I like a lot.