Suddenly I Had Grown Wings — How Freedom of Speech Keeps Us Free

Suddenly I Had Grown Wings – The World Doesn’t Understand What Just Happened In Ottawa, Ontario

“Only those who struggle for their freedom are worthy of it.” — inscribed on the memorial to the Velvet Revolution in Bratislava (Námestie), Slovakia.

Freedom of speech is quite arguably all Poland, Romania, and others needed to finally topple the Communist regimes they lived in. In some cases, it was all they asked for. In all cases, it was the freedom that dealt a death blow to Communism

“Suddenly, I felt I had grown wings. It wasn’t that people liked what I said. But at last I could say what I wanted.”  — One of the Solidarity spokeswomen in Poland.

“Together, we are strong. We have our own newspaper. We will write what we want.” — Lech Walesa, Poland, leader of Solidarity movement and 10 million strong strike.

In Romania, while Communism fell elsewhere, they had no idea of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany or the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia or the labor strike in Poland. The news didn’t report any of it. 

But when they did hear of it, the people took to the streets and into the capital city, where they were met at first with violence. Their resistance was incredibly courageous. “For every one they killed, we knew we would replace it by ten.” 

Finally, the army gave up and that was the end of the Caesescus, and the beginning of a new era for Romania.

But where did such courage come from?

From non-repressed news. From hearing of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Freedom of speech, when granted, or wrested, or taken, was all it took to topple the regimes, for it led to protests and strikes and incredible courage against the Communist regime. 

Freedom of speech. That was all.

Freedom of speech, and even thought, was all they began to take away in the recent events in Ottawa.

It isn’t just one of our rights as North Americans, whether Canadian or US. It’s the most important one. It’s the one that holds up all of our other rights and prevents them, by the sun of the truth, from being abused without impunity. Without repercussion.

If you can control where people get their information from, then you can control them. If you can begin to control people’s thoughts and freedoms of speech and right to protest, you are on the same path to tyranny every tyrannical leader has followed.

Very few tyrants, if any, just woke up and announced to his people that he would begin oppressing them.

No, much more likely it is today, that if there are tyrants unaware among us, that they are convincing us that all they do is for our own good, that we should trust them, and that anyone who doesn’t trust them is villainous and dangerous. (Sound familiar? It should).

We are being bombarded in the last few weeks of this heartbreaking winter of 2022 by two different ends of tyranny. The most heinous, hellish, and nightmarish invasion of Ukraine by aggressor Putin with loss of life, bloodshed, families torn apart, soldiers going to war who don’t know what they’re fighting for, citizens defending their cities because Ukraine is a small country, air raids by banned bombs.

And Western leaders are falling all over themselves to renounce Putin (of course) and somehow align themselves with the heroism and glory of the Ukranian people.

And then there is more stealthy and easy to ignore criminal tyranny against a brave group of protestors in Ottawa.

Working class truckers that drove to Ottawa to discuss with Trudeau their concerns about how unscientific vaccine mandates were affecting their abilities to provide for their families.

(By the way, Putin wasn’t rallying for freedom and democracy one day and then deciding to invade Ukraine the next).

Justin Trudea, PM, didn’t even seem to consider talking to his people. (Newsflash, even Poland’s leaders talked to them).  

Then he stole their fundraising money. (But then there was an outcry from the people and instead of keeping it, he had GoFundMe refund it, which they’ve sort of done, I’ve heard, in mixed reports).

Then he stole their fuel and announced that “anyone bringing fuel would be arrested.” (Doesn’t make it illegal, just what he’d like to do on a whim).

But the good people of Ottawa took to the streets bringing jerry cans of fuel. And water. And air. And love.

Then he froze their second fundraiser (gee, how many times does a group of people have to raise 10 million)? 

Then he began freezing the bank accounts of the protesters. Not for their actions, (there were no illegal or even prosecutable actions) but for what they were protesting about. It wasn’t a sanctioned protest. It wasn’t politically correct.

It wasn’t approved by the government.

To be honest, he just didn’t seem to like truckers. 

They did it by physically attacking independent journalists who refused to report the same narrative Trudeau and his news sources were desperately trying to tell the world (and sadly, many believed).

They did it by painting the protesters with every single hateful -ism in the book, with no documentation of those isms at all (homophobic, racist, misogynistic, transphobe, even Nazi).

Dozens of live streamers proved otherwise, as not a single act of violence has been documented by the convoy in the three weeks they were there. This is also proven by the fact that in all of the charges brought against the protest, none is more than “mischief” and “counsel to commit mischief,” a charge that is bringing, for Tamara Lich, ten years with no bail.

At first the news reported that the protest was funded by an extremists or even a foreign terrorist right-wing group, but when the list of people who donated was hacked from givesendgo and unlawfully shared and they found they were wrong, that this was a grassroots Canadian-citizen backed effort, the Trudeau-indoctrinated anti-protesters turned to doxxing their Canadian neighbors instead (gee, they just don’t miss a beat, do they, no matter how many times the narrative changes?).

They did it by coming against the protesters, without talking to them even once, with police brutality that they claim was justified. (More here and here).

They even brutally attacked veterans who had already risked their lives for their fellow Canadians and to fight freedom for other countries when the call came.

They did it by invoking an extreme emergencies act against the protesters, which gave Trudeau permission to do almost anything it seems, without due process, without explanation, without prosecution, trial, or even reason.

And though the emergencies act never officially passed the Senate, they did not unfreeze many bank accounts, release Tamara, give the stolen funds or trucks back to the truckers, or retract any of the lies they spread about the convoy.

They did it by doing all of the above, and by telling their citizens that it was right to view them as criminals, and if they didn’t, they’d be considered supporters of criminals, so they would be criminals as well.

Some argue that the protest had “a long time” to get out of Ottawa. But that begs some questions. Why should they get out of Ottawa? Does the government have the right to make a legal protest illegal at whim? Why? 

Also, in light of history, it doesn’t matter.

The protests and strikes that prevented communism from continuing in Poland, Romania, and Germany did not change history because they were sanctioned by the government. They did because they weren’t. 

(That’s kind of the point of a protest).

The protest in Romania was so illegal that they shot their citizens down. 

The same is true in Poland.

It also begs the question: why should the protesters have left Ottawa, when their leader was not even leader enough to talk to them, which is what Trudeau should have done in the first place.

Those who shift the focus to the magic moment when the protest “became” illegal (if that is even something that should be able to happen), seem to forget that protests shouldn’t be illegal.

And they forget that police began the police crackdowns before the emergencies act was invoked. That bank accounts were frozen by those who had donated to the convoy before the emergencies act was declared, and that protesters became retroactively criminal. In short, the declaration of the emergencies act retroactively made a lot of things illegal that never were (and never should be).

In other words, if you are retroactively making a protest illegal while it is still going on, then you have no moral or legal high ground to claim that the declaration of illegality should be honored. Changing a law about protesting should and does take time. Working calmly and fairly with the protesters while new laws are made about protesting in Ottawa is something that would have been possible if Trudeau had talked to his citizens and not done something so insane as declaring an emergencies act before even dealing with the legality of the actions of either the convoy or his own highly illegal actions towards them (which occurred before any declarations of illegality were made).

They treated, without benefit of trial, the protesters as criminals.

And they continue to do so.

Not because they burnt down buildings or committed a single act of violence, but because they didn’t like what they were protesting about, something that, around the globe, is rapidly gaining more and more scrutiny as more and more join the freedom convoy’s cause and more and more truth is revealed that supports their concerns.

But not soon enough for the #freedomconvoycanada2022 or those who put their livelihoods and safety on the line to speak up. Not soon enough for those who have had their bank accounts frozen. Not soon enough for the damage the smear campaign has done to be undone. Not soon enough for Tamara Lich to be released from jail from her alarming charges of “mischief.”

And far worse, Trudeau has made a large power grab of rights and freedoms that should belong to the people, taking a massive leap away from democracy and towards the darkness of tyranny.

Other objections:

They should have gotten out of town because I didn’t like  them.

I empathize with your frustration, but it doesn’t make the protest illegal.

Blockading roads it not part of peaceful protest!

Sure it is. Always has been. Also, blockaded roads were cleared up in a few days.

Someone pulled my mask off.

While rude, that is not violence, nor is it demonstrative of most of the actions of thousands of protesters. 

This is not a peaceful protest! Have you heard those horns? 

Peaceful means nonviolent. The police dealt effectively with the horns. No violence or crimes were committed, and no emergencies act or punishment was necessary.

There was a fire!

If the protesters wanted to start fires, there would be fires. (Come to think of it, there were multiple fires in the BLM riots you supported). The police retracted the statement that the fire was linked to the truckers. Here you go: ““We don’t have any direct linkage between the occupation — the demonstrators — and that act”. Watch if for yourself.

No prosecution or sentence has been brought against whomever started the fire, probably because their trial would reveal that they were in no way connected to the truckers. 

I heard there were swastikas. This proves they are violent nazis.

Early on in the protest, amid thousands of Canadian flags and singing of “Oh, Canada,” far, far away from the convoy, up in a balcony, there was a lone swastika. The symbol of hate and reprehensible evil has since be removed, but it is even more important to note that the location of the swastika flag and the fact that it was a lone incident, never to return in the following weeks, all strongly suggest that it can’t even be used as evidence against the Convoy. Like the fire, no names have been linked to the incident. (Again, probably because it would make their lacking connection to the truckers too obvious)

Melissa Lantsman, a Jewish, lesbian MP of Canada, has this to say about the lone Nazi flag:

It wasn’t a protest. It was an occupation.

The same could be said about most of the protests in the documentary People Power that ended Communism. The people stayed in one place for a long time, sometimes even as they were shot at.

I would have agreed with their right to protest if I would have agreed with what they were protesting.

First of all, can you hear yourself? You don’t get to decide what other people get to protest. Second of all, their purpose is growing support around the globe. Because of the truckers, countries all across the world began dropping their vaccine mandates. Our own President, Biden, hustles at this moment to change mask and vaccine protocol while the US People’s Convoy heads to DC. Thousands of doctors and scientists have called the mandates unscientific. 

Maybe you just despise working class people and have a hard time with wanting to be empathetic to anyone else.

Questions you should be asking yourself:

Why did the police physically and brutally attack only independent journalists?

If you don’t have an answer for this or you don’t care, you might want to examine your own beliefs about free speech. What were the police and or Trudeau trying to hide? Follow the censored and battered if you want to remain free.

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