An Update About My Children’s Picture Book—Calisbury Christmas


Sometimes I want something so badly that when I move towards it I get so choked up and so tight inside my chest and feel things so intense I get paralyzed.

Well, that’s how it is with seeing this book in print. I wrote the story in a fever. I could not stop writing. Every word came to me one after another with few pauses. There were two or three sessions like this on rainy days in coffee shops or late at night.
I believe in this manuscript more than in anything else I’ve ever written. I believe in the message of compassion and most of all, the message of hope and Light.
When I try to calm my thoughts and organize my strategy, I find myself tearing up and the same passion with which I wrote it comes over me. Great for writing, not so great for organizing a book launch.
Here is a tiny excerpt from A Calisbury Christmas.

There was a small boy named Edgar out in the fields, who was looking for the first star. Nothing in the air or wind or stream told him of the beautiful miracle that was about to take place, and nothing in his mood welcomed one. But he thought he saw the star he was looking for very low in the sky, coming up over the hill instead of high overhead.

The star became two stars. And two became three. Then Edgar saw that the stars, which were lanterns, were being held by tiny dark shapes against the dusky evening sky. And the shapes became men and horses drawing sleighs.

If you’ve ever bought a children’s book or wanted to buy a children’s book with a positive message, or if you have kids or might have kids someday, or you ever were a kid or you might be a kid again someday, please consider supporting this book launch by following this page, following me on Instagram at, and watching for ways you can help spread the word as launch month nears.
Please share this post with anyone who loves books or children.
We are going to launch, God willing, this Fall.

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