Maybe You’re Supposed To Do This: Finding Your Way One Step at a Time

That dream that keeps coming to your heart again and again. The one that’s never gone away, no matter what else you do. The one that you think of when you say, yeah, someday, when the time is right. When I have the right time, or the right tools, or after I finish this project, or when the right people are in my life.

But maybe you’re supposed to do that now.

Maybe if you picked up the pen, the brush, the keyboard, the yoga mat, the pixels, the binary code, the camera, the piano keys (ok so I don’t you don’t pick up pixels or piano keys, but you know what I mean), maybe you would feel a rush of gladness in your heart.

Maybe that gladness echoes the gladness of the One who created you.

Maybe He would look at you and say, yeah! She’s starting to get it. He’s doing it. He’s taking those first adorable, stumbling steps towards his calling.

Speaking of first steps. I just had a vision that changed the way I’ve been thinking of all of this.

I’ve been something close to a panic about finding the right voice, the right online presence, the right Instagram feed. Blogging and writing about the “right” things.

But as I wrote that sentence above, I saw my daughter at 13 months, taking little steps between her Daddy and I, giggling with the adrenalin rush. And I teared up a bit.

Because those first steps that day in the months following were so precious to me. And she didn’t agonize over them, and I didn’t judge her. I didn’t say, crikey, Anneka, you really are wretched at walking.

She would giggle with joy and I would laugh cry with joy.

What if we could view our first steps, and the middle ones, too, that way?

What if instead of feeling like we would never be the person we are meant to be if we don’t figure this all out right now, we laugh at the privilege of trying and living?

What if we laugh with joy over little victories and tiny steps forward.

What if we take ourselves less seriously, like Anneka, but at the same time get up every time we fall with the same persistent determination?

What if we, um, actually realize that God delights in us?

Not to mention delights in the gifts He’s given us.

So back to calling, and vocation, and all that. What if those things that give you a rush of gladness, that make you tear up with those “someday-id-love-to” thoughts, are what you’re supposed to do?

Take out of this the Disney idea of making it big that every 80’s child and beyond has grown up with.

Let’s get out of our heads that we are either the center of the universe or nothing at all.

We are valuable. Cherished. Gifted.


We are created for a purpose.

I know. That’s so cliche, right?

And while I know that much of that purpose is serving others, His message is very clear that there are many different ways of serving others, many different callings.

So what if that deep gladness is also the world’s deep hunger?

And also what He imagined when He formed you before you were born.

In other words,

Maybe you’re supposed to do this.

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