A Pair of Boots

Seemed like a simple prayer. I prayed that there would be a pair of boots in Anneka’s size at the second-hand store that would be more appropriate for wet, cold weather than the soft boots she had been wearing.

I took a bunch of clothes in she had out-grown, hoping to off-set the cost a bit.

Anneka was at her playgroup when I left, and I had forgotten to measure her feet. But Nate measured the soft shoes she was wearing and gave me the measurement.

I forgot the soft shoes.

When I got to the second hand shop, knowing the inches didn’t help. None of the shoes were labeled by inch, and there were no charts or rulers to help. After scrutinizing 4 pairs of boots and googling sizes that were supposed to match the measurement, I picked the pair I thought looked the closest (even though the size was two sizes smaller than google said it should be).

I got a $9.60 for my baby’s clothes. I thought I probably wouldn’t do that again. I also picked up 3 tops, 3 bottoms and two pairs of stockings. After the credits, including a return credit I must have had, the total was only $10.

We took the shoes home to see how they fit. Instead of telling you, I’ll just show you.

I like to think how God cares about the happiness of a little one-year-old munchkin with her first pair of boots.

And we also got this.

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If you liked that video, check out our Porters in Denver channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC05p1YTNCcsSAZVhPgwx87Q

2 thoughts on “A Pair of Boots

  1. You found such adorable clothes! It makes me want to go to our local children’s consignment shop. I dropped off some stuff a few months ago and might even have some credit there if it sold.


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