Cozy nubby homemade jewel-toned scarf

After being unable to find a scarf that fit my standards, I decided to make one. I loved that it was better than anything I could find. I loved that I made it. There is something so precious about things you make yourself. You’re the only person that has something exactly like it. It’s a piece of your heart and creativity.

Then one day I lost it. After driving to every local place I could think of where I might have left it (grocery stores, cafes, yoga studios), and asking if they had it in their lost and found, I had to admit my scarf was gone. I hope that a homeless person has it.

I could not part with my scarf though, so I decided I had to make it again.

I felt overjoyed when I found the exact yarn after going to a few stores. Walmart didn’t have it, but Michael’s did.

I love the nubbiness and jewel tones of the wool.

Day one:

Two weeks later:

homemade crocheted scarf jewel tones nubby warm winter

homemade crocheted scarf jewel tones nubby warm winter

homemade crocheted scarf jewel tones nubby warm winter

I totally love it. I’m so glad I “found” my scarf again.

Directions for crocheters: Chain 21.

Row 1: Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook. Double in next chain, single in next chain…across the row, double crochet in last chain, turn. (10 singles, 10 doubles. Helps to remember: odd numbers single, even numbers double).

All other rows: Chain 1, single crochet in first stitch, double in next, etc. Turn. Continue until you like the length of the scarf. Fasten off, knot, and weave in your end.

How about you? Do you have any DIY projects you love or are planning? What are you favorite hobbies?

6 thoughts on “Cozy nubby homemade jewel-toned scarf

      1. Sooooo… what is mine going to look like? I assume you’re almost done with it by now?


        Yeah I really do, I wish I could do that. I’ve always wanted to take a knitting course, or even sewing.


      2. Haha! 🙂 You’re funny. I actually am working on one for Nate. If you WANTED me to crochet you one, we could maybe work something out. Exchange for makeup or something maybe? 🙂


  1. I saw you posting this on FB, the different tones in it are so lovely. I never go for black scarves, if you’re going to bundle up, bundle up in something happy right.


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