Valentine’s Day in the Snow

I’ll probably remember this Valentine’s Day more than any (except our first) in the past 7, because the snow reminded me of two things:

1. Our First Valentine’s Day together. Snowfalls like the following are rare in Pennsylvania (too bad for us).  This Valentine’s Day and our first are the only ones I can remember having a beautiful snowfall like this. Who needs money? We took the day off and relaxed.

2. Wisconsin. Where I spent many happy childhood years.

I felt like I had come home.

(Come to think about it, last year was pretty incredible, too. But for different reasons. And Nate worked all day that day. But when you’re married to a guy like Nate, every Valentine’s Day is pretty romantic. Take a look at last year’s Valentine’s Day.)

Nate built two snow forts.

valentine's day in the snow

He thought a snow angel in 2 feet of dense snow was a good idea.

valentine's day snow angels DSC_0152 (1024x683) DSC_0158 (1024x683) DSC_0159 (1024x683) DSC_0160 (1024x683)

Snow spaceman.

DSC_0161 (1024x683)

Nate wasn’t the only one happy about the snow.

jumping for joy

What kind of animal is that?

rabid bernese mountain dog

Is it an angry Bernese Mountain Dog?

rabid i mean happy bernese mountain dog

No, she’s just very happy. She likes to do the jitterbug. Or some kind of dance.

cute bernese mountain dog dancing about the snow

cute bernese mountain dog happy about the snow

Me and my Valentine:

valentine's day in the snow

That is some determined running.

bernese mountain dog enjoying the snow

We drove around Harrisburg, where Nate snapped these pictures of the bridge and capitol.

DSC_0222 (1024x683) DSC_0198 (1024x683) harrisburg pennsylvania bridge harrisburg pennsylvania bridge

We went out for dinner.

valentines day couple

This is the drive on the way back.

Harrisburg Pennsylvania at night

This was my Valentine’s Day Breakfast Makeup and Hair, which could work for any other occasion as well. Loving the L’Oreal Collagen Volume x12 and the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (that stuff is awesome).

valentine's day makeup and hair

I got my eyebrows done just in time for Valentine’s Day, and does it ever make a difference. (Thanks Jessamy of Polished Salon and Day Spa, for understanding my arch!)

Happy Valentine’s Day! What did you do for Valentine’s Day? I’d LOVE to hear about it! 🙂

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