Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review

This foundation is for all skin types, oily or dry. I’ve had both in the last few weeks and it worked fine for both.

UPDATE: Though most foundations I’ve tried either make me break out either right away or not at all, after weeks of using this foundation I figured out that it was not good for my skin. It’s too clogging. You might have a different reaction. :(!

revlon nearly naked foundation 130 shell

It has no alcohol, which is great because alcohol is so damaging to collagen, or greasy oils.

revlon nearly naked foundation 130 shell

It contains vitamin C, E and niacinimide.

revlon nearly naked foundation 130 shell

It has medium to heavy coverage. This is during the day.

inglot freedom system teil

If only this one wasn’t blurry. I wore it on our date night last night. With flash.

revlon nearly naked foundation 130 shell

It is $7.50 at Target.

I even got the color right the first time. Mine is Shell 130. It has a warm undertone, something many drug store foundations lack.

revlon nearly naked foundation review and pictures

Blend quickly, because it sets quickly.

It is better than many higher end foundations. It needs a pump, because it comes pouring out every time I use it.

It’s a great all around foundation for daytime wear, evening wear, casual or dressed up. I am happy with it so far.

Perfectly honest reviews, always.

5 thoughts on “Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review

  1. I’ve seen your pics on Facebook with this on Marisa, and I love the finish it gives, especially on the cheeks. You look SO glowy! These days i’m being really careful with powder, kind of giving foundations the chance to do their own thing, and it seems to look much healthier.


    1. Thanks so much Anouchka! I’m so surprised I like this stuff! I mean I like it more every day almost. 🙂 Especially since I’m getting some other major skincare issues under control.


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