Yoga, Kombucha and Paying off School Loans

Dear faithful readers,

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about my blog this turn of the year. 2014 is an important and exciting year to me for many reasons and I’ve had to answer some important questions, some of them regarding this blog. I at one point considered whether or not I could keep blogging for wear your vitamins. Not because I don’t love writing but because I do. Is this the blog I want to devote my time to? Is this blogged trapped in its own identity? Do I want to keep writing about what this blog’s scope is all about, and can this blog be what I envision and need as a blogging platform?

The answer is: I am going to keep growing Wear Your Vitamins but with some changes.

For a long time I’ve wanted more of a lifestyle blog. Nate and I enjoy so many things we’d like to share with other people, and there are so many things I want to write about that are not just another makeup tutorial (which was never the purpose of this blog anyway). Sharing my life with others is the purpose of this blog – including issues related to health and beauty – subjects of great importance with me. In the next few months, look forward to reading about kombucha tea, yoga, makeup, skincare, relationship issues, friendship, building a life, etc. Because first and foremost this is a woman’s blog, but one from my very own unique perspective. Its my way of learning and growing and living and keeping alive passions which are very important to me. Maybe there’ll even be a bit about my music and writing, but those should be more referential in nature. (For example, as a result of all my introspection and prayer, I started another fiction blog called, where I share the adventures of absent-minded dreamer Marisa Maven, who is more of a misfit than a maven, and has big dreams to change the world. If only she could master school, work and family).

One of my favorite blogs is There is something about this faith-filled, beauty-filled, fun-filled blog that connects with my values and personality. I believe that beauty is deeply important to women, but I’ve always wanted to think of a way to express that love for beauty in an inside-out kind of way. Taking care of our souls and spirits is the most important thing we can do. But eating right and finding mind and body restoring exercise are also God-honoring ways to take care of our bodies. I have never felt so thankful for the gift of life than as I’ve learned to get in touch with my body and live in the way our bodies were naturally intended to move, live and eat. Skincare is another way we can take care of ourselves, but this starts from the inside out as well. And cosmetics? An artform for me.

I have a confession to make – I’ve been holding this blog, even though it’s precious to me, at arm’s length. Somehow I feel that since I’m in this really happy place in my life where my husband and I just started a business together and we’re haven’t started a family yet that I just have it too good to blog about my life. But I’ve worked really hard to get to this point and to be honest, my story has not been an easy one. To reach an oasis of peace where I don’t feel torn apart by 30 different demands is amazing. I have struggled with feeling, well, guilty somehow. Knowing that children will change everything keeps me from enjoying some of the things I’m at liberty to enjoy at this time.

But all that is going to change. Reading Kate’s story about her first weeks and months after baby really helped me realize that I’m always going to be who I am even when I’m a Mom. I’ll love to design, write stories, build websites and write for my blog. I’ll just have to do these things in a different way. It was so fun to see her sneaking on nail polish as her baby sleeps or calling him a good shopping buddy!

Here are some things about my journey in life that you’ll likely be hearing more about: Nate and I have been on a debt repayment journey for 3 and a half years. We started at something akin to a small mortgage ($120,000), and this was just student loans, consumer debt and stupid tax. We are now at $41,000 and really hope and believe that 2014 is our year to get it cleaned up and say good-bye to debt forever. We have made a lot of sacrifices and worked really hard to get here, but we’ve also been incredibly blessed.

We’ve put so much on hold to get out of debt. Vacations, travelling, buying certain things, giving the way we want to (everybody should give no matter where they are, and we do, but not like we’re going to some day), even starting a family. Once we get out of debt, we plan to take some time to really celebrate and enjoy some of the things we haven’t done in almost four years and then we want to start a family (adopt? definitely).

So I want to share this last part of the getting out of debt journey with you, and all that lies after that.  Wife, skincare fanatic, yoga and kombucha addict with a passion for getting out of debt and inspiring others to do the same, you’ll find it all here.

Welcome to 2014.

Moments from 2013:

This silly dog:

this silly dog

cutest bernese mountain dog ever 

Working from the mall:


Christmas at Mom and Dad’s


Pretty pleased with their presents:


Great memories from our very rare weekend getaways to Reston:


His handsome face:




Walks along the river on Front Street in this beautiful weather:


With this crazy guy:


Weather that makes you want to do yoga:


My skater’s pose has improved some since this:


Cool buildings on Front St:


Nate’s attempt at yoga:


The river:


More yoga, or did someone just knock me over:





Not sure what this is but it represents us spending time together, which I love:


We discovered Walden, a village inside a town, another reason to want to get out of debt:



Some other holiday at Mom and Dad’s?


Cracker Barrel mornings:


I can’t deny it: I miss my hair. Man I miss my hair, even if it wasn’t my “natural” hair. Big deal.



Hiking in the woods with Holly:


Going from video chats with Nate at our separate jobs:


To getting to work with him on our new business, Arete Imagine. (yes that’s always the way we look working together, right?):

NATESERVER - WIN_20131019_135253

Visits from terrific friends:


Exercising with Holly:


Playing with our (then) 2 dogs:

WP_000190 (1)

Working from my home office:


Are you going to take a picture of me right now?


Stop and smell the roses:


Cute smart nephews:


Not sure what’s going on here. Apparently I’m posing with Bilbo and some elf. Some unwilling sister and brother-in-law are also part of the picture (I think we were all coerced).


Enjoying one of Nate’s breakfasts:


Nate was so excited about windows 8 he made this cake:


So excited to spend another year with you baby.



11 thoughts on “Yoga, Kombucha and Paying off School Loans

  1. I love this post! Nate – you are a great chef man, that cake looks awesome. I am glad to read you are branching out with your website(s) Marisa, and this is one reason I decided to have a no-niche’ website. Anything is fair game for the site. Freedom. I wish you the best in the website endevour, and in wiping out your debt. Awesome!!


    1. That means so much to me, John! I love your photography – view probably most of it. 🙂 Yeah here’s to a new birth for my website! Thanks so much for your encouragement in all of the above (blogging, debt repayment, work yay!). I passed along your compliments to Nate.


  2. Great post, Marisa. I’m looking forward to reading more of them. Love the pictures too! Especially, the one with you sporting a longer hair, looks awesome on you! Good luck on your plans for 2014!


  3. I’m really excited that you’ve started your business now. Keep doing what you love, thinking outside the box, working as efficiently as possible, and you WILL still be able to do this with a family! I was a teacher in a regular pubic school until I had Tess, when I knew I couldn’t work full-time away from her and my home. I enjoyed the time at home but also wanted a way to use my professional skills without taking a lot of time from my daughter. After a year, I was accepted as a cyber school educator and have been working from home ever since. I now have 2, and I’m working full-time throughout the week, with people coming into my home a couple mornings each week, working through naptime, and using other time (typically early early mornings) as I need to, so I can also have fun with my kids during the day!! It’s really best of both worlds. I couldn’t have learned the job right now with 2 kids, but since I learned it when I had 1 (and you’re even better off…before you have any!!), I know how to work the most efficiently, cut the corners that can be cut, and go about it confidently and well. I’m sure that you and your personality can do the same, so I know a family won’t keep you from doing what you love, it will just add a new dimension of love!!


  4. Did I mention working with a 6 month old teething baby on me? Oh I LOVE that part!! If I wasn’t working, I’d be more frustrated because he doesn’t want to be put down and I wouldn’t be able to get the things on my house to-do list done. Now I can meet his needs as I’m getting work completed for my job…win win!


    1. Karla you don’t know how much these comments mean to me! I love hearing your story and have always appreciated your passion for music, love of fashion and love of your family and God. I’m so happy that you are able to work from home and to hear that actually enhances your life with your children. Such a cool testimony! I also feel so lucky that I’ve learned this website building and design skill before our family, because it has taken so much effort and my godmother Joyce always told me “You’re going to be so glad you did this once you’re a Mom,” and that encouraged me to keep going. Great to hear from someone who’s a little further ahead on the career/Mom path. Encouraging words.


  5. Great post. I can’t wait to hear more about your lifestyle and other things you enjoy in life.I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon as well and feeling really guilty about it. I can’t wait to read more from you and how your life is changing for the better. Love the pictures. Especially the yoga ones.
    Love your blog Marisa. Don’t give it up.


  6. Debts can really get under your skin, and how can they not, just knowing that you’re always sort of dragging them with. BUT the fact that you and Nate got through it together, without any scratches is a big thing though and you shouldn’t take it lightly! Great going Marisa! 😀


    1. It’s really strengthened our relationship. We used to fight about money all the time until we took this class together. It must have been some class because we changed dramatically, stopped adding to our debt and immediately stopped paying it off. We fight sometimes but mostly dream about what we’ll do when we’re out of debt!


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