Inglot – a Christmas Inglot story

I wrote this post before Christmas but then figured people didn’t read blog posts at Christmas so I decided to wait until after Christmas to publish. 

My husband decided to surprise me early with my Christmas presents, so I would have them when we go to visit my parents in NY.

An Inglot Christmas quad.

I also got Too Faced Shadow Insurance – this is my eyeshadow many hours later. Unlike UD primer potion, which never worked for me (I’m sure I’m the only person in the world), it didn’t make my eyes crackle up. It wasn’t too hard. It made my already favorite shadows go on like butter and stay put without feeling tight. So far it’s a winner. I haven’t had time to give it a full test, but this is many hours after applying.

too faced shadow insurance vs urban decay primer potion

I also got Inglo​t Cosm​etics AMC Eyel​iner Gel 90. A sort of very dark chocolate. It goes on like butter but is quickly a tatoo that is impossible to take off with any normal means that I use while doing my makeup (which is usually licking a cutip, haha, to try to make minor adjustments – that didn’t work). I’ll let you know how my favorite Sonia Kashuk Remover does tonight. Again, many hours later it is unchanged. And it’s only $12! Another score for Inglot.

I’m so pleased with my Christmas present. So far I have a very good impression of everything.

So ladies, how did Nate do?

5 thoughts on “Inglot – a Christmas Inglot story

  1. I looove this color. I’m getting ready to try some new makeup products and I’ve been interested in two faced so I’m happy to read your review…. Happy Holidays beautiful!!!!


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