The best hair straightener – Chi Nano

Obviously it was time


To get a Chi Nano.

its time to get a chi

what straightener should i get for fine curly hair

chi nano straightener

This is why you’ll love the Chi Nano.

As opposed to other Chi Straighteners, it has temperature control.

this is why you'll love the chi nano

And it heats up lightening quickly.Β 

And it still heats all the way up to 395 if you want it to. I don’t think I need that. Even at 290 the Chi still does a better safer job than cheap straighteners (I’ve tried. I know.)

chi nano straightener

I only had to straighten a few pieces to get my hair to behave. I maintained its wave and texture by focusing on the most unruly defectors (see top picture to see what I mean!).

Don’t forget your thermal protectants and volumizers.

smooth sleek volumized hair

The Sexyhair Straightening Balm is a must have. My hair was very manageable and smooth using just a pea-sized amount of this gem. Also it seems almost unscented. You know I hate chemically overpowering fragrances.

Aveda Brilliant Damage control is a must-use as well. I’ve used it for 7 years. Longer than any product.

BB Thickening Hairspray is the best hairspray I’ve ever used, including Kenra, Pureology, Sebastian, all kinds. And it smells delicious.

For straightening, the Aveda is too wet. I have to use another thermal protectant. I used DermOrganic this time because the Chi Iron Guard I have smells so strong and I got a rash on my arm where it rubbed off. I don’t know if that’s the best though. I’m still on the hunt for a natural argan oil type hair protectant. Suggestions anyone?

This retails between $160-$210. I got it at @marshalls for $69.00. #fabfound

14 thoughts on “The best hair straightener – Chi Nano

  1. I so wish I had your skin Marisa. And how I want a straightener.. not necessarily a curling iron because I saw you can use straighteners for that as well! I think I only straightened my hair three times in my whole life. Curled it once!


    1. You have massively thick and gorgeous hair! I keep thinking if my hair had an abundance of curls, the curls would be fine, even at this really short length. But as it is it resembles twisted metal wreckage, haha! I’m not trying to be self-deprecating – I just really find it impossible. I can’t believe how much thicker it looks with the straightener.

      Thanks for the compliment! Your skin is beautiful, too. πŸ™‚ I’m very jealous of your hair. I always think if I had thick beautiful hair I would do nothing to it. I would let it be wild.


      1. I don’t actually! I try to keep my crown out of pictures. It’s getting better now but with all the hormone problem stuff I often got the remark “I can see your head..” from Hippo’s family. (They’re very honest :P)
        But “let it be wild”, i’ll take it, I like that philosophy. πŸ™‚


      2. Aaah! I hate when I can see my head! Lots of styling to cover that up. And I’m really loving my Lipogaine lately. It really seems to help. And then there’s tech hair. Yikes, hair troubles! Does everybody have them?


  2. U and ur hair look great ;D never heard of that particular straightener I usually go for Remington ,they are the best I have tried so far πŸ™‚ Happy Christmas btw xx


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