A Day Without Rain

why say no to drugs

I can’t sleep at all (written last night). And I have no idea why. I was working just as hard as Nate, carrying the tripod around, helping to set up the crane and take it down, running all over the scene trying to get the best angle, calling out the shots and directing. He has been soundly sleeping since 9:30 and I just can’t sleep. I’ve had a lot of insomnia lately and have no clue why.

The day was so exciting to me, being with Nate and doing something together we both loved so much. It was fun to see him so inspired and gifted at what he was doing. It was fun to work with 3 young people, two of which we already knew and a new friend we made, on their first day on set. They worked hard and looked like they were having fun. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of nervousness. But we got the shots we needed and looking over the footage later from both cameras we realized our hard work paid off. The two main cameras both had some really dramatic shots and Nate’s forehead-cam had some good stuff, too. (He looked like a spelunker). I like both directing and handling the camera so we’ll have to see what my role becomes in the future as I can’t do all of both. At first I thought I would become more of the director and set up the scenes and read the shots and make sure the takes were moving along, and even though that really worked well, I also got some pretty necessary and awesome camera shots, so we’ll see.

I wish we had gotten more of the security guards and police. It would have made for a dramatic “the making of #whysayno” movie. Two security guards stopped us to question us but both let us proceed. A policemen pulled up when we were setting up the tripod by the bus station but only to tell us we had to move our car from the alley.

One of the security guards talked about his prison ministry drug addicts and a lady stopped by to rave about the public schools and how badly her nephews needed good role models.

We prayed for good light, no rain and to be done on time. For good shots and for the city of Harrisburg to allow us to shoot. All went better than expected.

4 thoughts on “A Day Without Rain

  1. That’s good news! Have you been consuming more caffein lately? Perhaps something is really bugging you. It’s tough to figure out sometimes isn’t it.


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