One more DIY swatch – coral berry


coral-berry DIY lipstick

How could I forget this one? Awesome shade of coralberry. If you want to see how I made my own lipsticks (save big bucks and make that color you can’t seem to find), see my original post here about how to make your own lip colors. 

4 thoughts on “One more DIY swatch – coral berry

  1. I’ve been reading your blog a lot lately. I’ve been diagnosed with AGA and I think your hair loss pattern is a lot like mine. I got here after a google search for Zara by Jon Renau, since I’m considering to get one (still deciding on the color tough), but I wanted to ask you why did you stop using it. I’m afraid I’ll buy it and then just decide on using my hair this way, with the thinning and all. I also wanted to ask you if you are still on minoxidil and what you think about the results so far. Thank you so much!


    1. Hi! It was fun for awhile but I wanted my own natural hair, especially since using minoxidil for awhile I felt like it got better, not perfect, but better. I have been using Lipogaine lately and like it even better. Also even though it’s super expensive, I would rather put my money right now into doing Tech Hair (those little knots, to add to my hair rather than just covering up all my hair with a wig. It all would depend on how much or little hair I had. There was a point when all I wanted to do was buy a wig and now I’m at the point where I want to work with my natural hair more. I liked the Zara, but for me, synthetic hair didn’t last forever. Less than 2 months really, before it needed to be refurbished. But for the price, well, that’s not too bad (as wigs go). It’s a good way to try wigs and then you can go to human hair if desired. I will try to update soon about Lipogaine (a kind of minoxidil). Thanks for visiting! I appreciate it.


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