DIY Make your Own Lip Colors

That was fun!

I made 5, but here are my 3 favorites:


diy lip colors fuschia


diy lip colors berry


diy lip colors berry orange red

If you’re going to try this, here are a few things of note:

1. 1.5 crayons per teaspoon of coconut oil is way too much. Stick with 1 crayon or less. The more coconut oil, the more emollient. Also the more likely to need to create a lip butter in a pan than a lipstick. I was trying to get a balance or something in between so I could apply it “from the bullet.”

2. Use the darkest crayons, unless you want really pale less pigmented colors. If you use a medium to pale crayon remember that the coconut oil will water the color down. For the best result use less, highly saturated crayon.

How do I like them? The texture I like the best is orange-red, the one with the most coconut oil, but still hard enough to put in a lip balm twister. The other two are similar to each other – slightly less emollient, and need lip balm most times before application. But they’re still lovely to wear. They feel very good and matte without feeling drying. (And Nate loves them because he doesn’t mind coconut oil on my lips, but he hates lip gloss).

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I might get a little fancier with the ingredients, but I can see myself coming back to this simple combination time and again. I enjoy applying my lip colors.

I am very pleased that was able to come up with colors I loved so much.

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