Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder Review

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder.

Quick back story: I tried Toppik (hair fibers – little tiny pieces of keratin) and was very impressed. I really loved using this product. It grabs on to the individual hairs and thickens them by many times. The results were amazing. Even Nate was very impressed (though he thinks my hair is fine the way it is). However, I had such a bad allergic reaction to this that I got several rashes and a very large bump – which ended up to be a cyst (probably) that was inflamed that kept me from a good night’s sleep several nights in a row. I had to wash my hair several times before the ammonium chloride was completely gone.

Then I tried Caboki. I mean it’s a fiber (cotton this time) but doesn’t stick to the hair as well and is messier to use. It wasn’t as much fun. I didn’t love it.

Then I read this incredible post from Corner of Hope and Mane and was sold. I don’t think I used it as expertly but this is my first time and I like it. No messy powders. It’s sold as a dry shampoo and thickening spray. I wonder if Bumble and Bumble realizes it’s an effective hair loss concealer and thickener.




bumble and bumble hair powder

I’m kind of loving my hair in this picture.

It’s a bit pricey at $35 for 4oz, as all Bumble and Bumble products are. But worth it.

12 thoughts on “Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder Review

    1. Aww thanks Lauren! It’s so funny that I read your post and then tried everything but the B&B! That’s so me – I always go on rabbit trails. This was definitely the best of the 3. Maybe I like the journey – I don’t know. It creates a lot of drama at our house though!


  1. Hehe those first two pictures made me giggle.. in my head your hair made a *poof* sound with the volume. Love it. Nice shots! You have such glowy skin and it shows up on camera really well, even though that’s besides the point. Had to be said!


  2. Hi, I recently stumbled across your blog and the bumble bee hair power looks really great! I have just been diagnosed with androgenetic alopeica. Is that the kind you have? πŸ˜‰


    1. Hi! Yes that is what I was diagnosed with. I’m 90% sure it was androgenic because the others all seem to have more specific causes. I am really excited about something I’m trying right now that I’m seeing the most results with so I’ll try to blog about it when I have some time to prove it and to take some pictures. If you’re interested though, let me know because that will be a few weeks and I’m really pretty excited about the results so far. Thanks so much for dropping by!


  3. Hi Marisa, thanks so much for your reply! Sorry mine is delayed, I’ve been writing school reports and it takes up so much time! I never had a scalp biopsy for my diagnosis, just 2 dermatologists look through a magnifying glass at my head and tell me it was androgentic alopecia 😦 I’m sure it is that though! I saw your other post about the micro point and it really added volume to your hair and looks good! I’m not to certain where they offer it in Australia though so may have to check it out. I’ve currently been on spironolactone for two months and have started using redken intraforce for thinning hair. So far have noticed probably more hair falling out but then again these things take time. I have to be a little more patient lol! Thanks for your great posts too and I think your hair always looks lovely and thick! Cheers Krissy


    1. Thanks Krissy! I love connecting with people about hair and the comments mean a lot to me! I do hope it starts getting better for your hair and I will have to look up what spironolactone is. πŸ™‚


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