Sonia Kashuk Eye on Shimmer Neutral – it’s finally here and I’m so excited

It’s finally here. I saw it at Target today while buying a workout shirt. I’ve been looking at Target about 3 times a week.


sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches  sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-3 sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-4 sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-5 sonia-kashuk-eye-on-shimmer-neutral-review-and-swatches-6

Swatches, left to right = clockwise starting with the palest color. Do my arms ever look long!

eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches-5 eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches-3 eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches-2 eye-on-shimmer-neutral-sonia-kashuk-swatches

Now for the review:

I’m very pleasantly surprised with this product. I’m very picky about my eyeshadows and have returned almost all shadows I’ve bought. The only ones I’ve kept thus far are my beloved Inglot shadows, and my one Pop Beauty Pop Portfolio .

These have a silky and creamy feel. A long time ago I wasn’t crazy about some of the less creamy less pigmented SK shadows. I remember the shadows to be more dusty and less pigmented, including ingredients I didn’t love, such as calcium oxide, which I think made it sort of chunky and less creamy, and may have had a low irritation concern for some sensitive eyes (like mine). Now however, the calcium oxide is gone, and dimethicone is the second ingredient, which would explain why the shadows are so creamy and velvety. Other things like silica and nylon probably also contribute to the silkiness of the shadows.

There is a bit of fallout with these shadows, but I always thought there was with Urban Decay as well, and these shadows, the Sonia Kashuk ones, don’t hang as heavily on my eyelids.

This is your SK brand UD Naked Palette. The colors as strong, as seen from above, with no primer. Tap them on for a strong color.

Gold on the bottom lid. Second palest champagne shimmer all over base. Slate grey, next to black, on outer corner, Palest champagne on highlight area (above crease).

sonia kashuk eye on shimmer neutral review and swatches

More looks coming soon, when I get to know the colors better.

One thought on “Sonia Kashuk Eye on Shimmer Neutral – it’s finally here and I’m so excited

  1. Giant props for discussing the ingredients, I read that dimethicone isn’t good at all.. you look great with metallic shimmer by the way and i’ve been eyeballing this palette as well.. i’d have to buy it online, wish they sold it here!!


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