Greeting my dear friend Holly after a two week absence.

I have a Berner (Bernese Mountain Dog) named Holly. She’s a rescue who’s been with Nate and me a year and a half.

Holly’s been at a friend’s house for two weeks and I just about went nuts without her.

I just couldn’t take the silence. I kept going to the door to let her in. If she was not in one room, it was proof that she was in another. The mornings were really sad and quiet as she was not there to greet me and smile and wag her tail.

On Saturday we got her back. She jumped up on me twice and then leaned against me as if to say, “This is my human and this is where I belong.”

Smiling because she’s happy to be home.
bernese mountain dog2

Smiling for a rare looking at the camera picture – she hates cameras.

bernese mountain dog

Berners are some of the most amazingly loyal  dogs in the world. Holly thinks it’s her job to look after me, to follow me around and make sure I’m ok. One night when I was sick, she literally sat up all night with me. Every time I woke up and opened my eyes, her eyes were open and she was watching me. When she was assured that I was alive in the morning, she went to her bed and slept.

10 thoughts on “Greeting my dear friend Holly after a two week absence.

  1. Beautiful girl! All dogs have the gift of knowing when their human is not well, even little Zeus sets with us when we are not feeling well. Glad you have your baby back. 🙂


    1. Awww that’s so sweet. I guess the dog before Holly was not that way at all so I’m not used to it. (We fostered a cocker for awhile – she was never concerned about me, haha).


      1. Strange you’d say that. The Cocker we had before moving to Nevada didn’t care about anything but food and begging. They are hunting dogs, not such good family pets. Lesson learned.


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