E.L.F. in Toys R Us?

I don’t know why my husband likes to sometimes steer us towards Toys R Us whenever we are in that plaza. I think he was deprived as a child.

So there we are looking at the building sort of toys, puzzle things and stuff like that. Besides that we just wander around and indulge in simultaneous boredom at each others choice of aisles.

Him: Star Wars Legos

Me: Diaper Bags (gotta find fashion somewhere)

Him: Strange action figures (can we please get out of this aisle)

Me: E.L.F.???

Yup, E.L.F. in one of the toy aisles. Just look at the bright colors.


On second thought, these colors look like loads of fun. Why is this only for little girls for dressup?


The price is the same as grownup girls ELF Beauty Books.


And so is the formula.


They even had a mega book with completely wearable shades.


Now I’m not a huge E.L.F. fan, given the choices I have of Pop Beauty and Inglot. But if you are, maybe you should check out Toys R Us?

12 thoughts on “E.L.F. in Toys R Us?

    1. She is so relaxed and happy! I am so happy to have her back, filling our home with her cheery presence. I missed her so much. She jumped up on me twice at our reunion, which she only does when she’s very excited.


    1. I know i couldn’t believe it was grownup makeup, too! My Mom never let me wear makeup when I was that little – haha or even when I grew up, lol. Along with the host of other things she would NOT have purchased from Toys R Us. As we were wandering around Toys R Us, I said to Nate, “I can remember so many times when my parents said No to me.” And then I said, “But if it was, play a game with us. Make us paper dolls. Make us magnetic fish or playdough – that was almost always a yes.” What a beautiful balance. πŸ™‚


  1. This is really weird! I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup when I was a kid, either. I had those plastic makeup palettes, where everything was fake and made of plastic lol I don’t know if anyone will know what I’m talking about, but they were great.


  2. Do you like that brand? I’ve used it a few times and I don’t think the pigments are rich enough (it is a steal though, very easy on the wallet!)



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