Summer Makeup Series II – Sultry Bronzed and Berried


Go for a more sultry eye look this morning by combining gold, bronze and champagne. This mixed metals look looks sophisticated but the berry lip sheer steers it towards summery whimsical while keeping that touch of sultriness. A mauvey neutral cheek color blends well with the eye trio and a touch of bronzer warms up the whole palette. Another great way to celebrate summer with your colors!





7 thoughts on “Summer Makeup Series II – Sultry Bronzed and Berried

  1. Those shadows are really flattering Marisa, and it seems like you can do SO much with that palette! I’ve been getting more into using broze shades too lately. And metallics as well. Nothing beats that glimmer on the eyes really.. I love how you don’t need to use a million shades with these sorts of colors too, they already act like contour and highlight by themselves!


    1. I think there are a lot of lovely light and medium colors, but you would need eyeliners or other favorite dark colors to intensify. I try to pull it off in next week’s look. Thanks!!


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