Things We’ll Do When We Get Out Of Debt


While more giving is a given (we have a long list of causes and people we’d like to give more to), this is mostly a personal spending list. It’s long because every time one of us says, “let’s do this,” or “can we do that,” we end by saying, “I guess we will when we get out of debt.” The list will continue to grow, I’m sure, until we’re out of debt. Also, just because something is on this list doesn’t mean that it’s 100% off limits to us now. Just most likely.

  • More Organo Gold Coffee and tea
  • More DC/Reston Weekend Trips
  • Marshall’s clothes shopping trip ( I like that store)
  • Bicycle(s)
  • Buy wine
  • Go to yoga classes
  • Go to dancing lessons together
  • Start a Walden house fund (or some other house)
  • Drive to Nashville
  • Get manis and pedis (me, not Nate)
  • Buy an Audi SUV (at which point I will inherit the Audi sedan)
  • Get more blow money
  • Send more care packages to my family in Africa
  • Sponsor an IJM table at benefit dinner again (we did this once and it was one of the most fulfilling ways I’ve ever spent money)
  • Seven7 jeans (but probably the discounts)
  • Nate – kickboxing
  • New swimsuit –
  • Yes to blueberries wipes instead of 99 cent ones
  • Massage therapy
  • Travel – visit family more
  • Inglot Eyeshadows
  • Breadmaker
  • Oven (thank God for pan bread right now, but I sure miss cinnamon toast)
  • Inglot shadows
  • Other eyeshadow palettes –
  • More brushes
  • Go to Lemongrass Thai in Lancaster

2 thoughts on “Things We’ll Do When We Get Out Of Debt

  1. The crazy thing is, once we got out of debt, a lot of our desire for things dropped away. Being debt free has been so rewarding in itself. The thrill of shopping has been replaced by the contentment from building our savings. Hard to believe when we used to spend every weekend shopping…


    1. Well yeah, that’s why a lot of these things are things to do, like travel, dance classes, sponsor an IJM table, there’s really not that much blow spending on it but we will definitely not live so tight when we’re out of debt!


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