Sonia kashuk lip sheer review and swatches

Lip products are getting better and better. I went on a little lip product trying phase this past week and came away with a product I truly love color-wise and formula-wise.

After trying Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Formula (great formula, but hard to find wearable colors for me), and Revlon Lip Butters (even better formula, but still a little hard to choose colors), I thought Sonia Kashuk colors have never failed me. I have had the reassuring experience of buying a lip color or cheek color from Sonia Kashuk and thinking, “hey, this color was made for me!” almost every time.

So I was encouraged by past experience to buy one of the Lip Sheers I’ve had my eye on for a long time – Melon and Berry.

I loved both. So I went back for Fuschia.

The colors are so wearable. And the formula, as close as any formula has ever come for me, does not require a lip balm.Β However, I still wear one. I am addicted to putting my lip balm on in the morning, and I figure if I don’t have to keep reapplying it like mad throughout the day, the formulas a pretty good one. Of the 3, this is probably the most hydrating.This formula is truly unique – it’s like a creamy balm-gloss.

Here they are below. Melon. Berry. Fuschia.


No lighting captures these colors well – I took like 3 dozen pictures.






berry, fuschia, melon


So what other lip products did I try? Check back for more reviews. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Sonia kashuk lip sheer review and swatches

    1. I agree. It’s the reason I went out and bought them. It’s actually a little frustrating to me that the other two are sort of ok and almost the same. I like berry second. But I could do without either berry or fuschia.


    1. Mine too! It’s the reason I went and got them (seeing swatches). I really like the color a lot. It seems there is only one lip color from every collection I love, and I think I’ve finally figured that out and can stop wasting money on always buying one or two more. Example: Sonia Kashuk ultra luxe lip gloss. I LOVED magical mulberry and still do, so I also bought pink and coral. Both the second colors are duds for me.


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