Comparison of Two Roundbrushes – CHI Turbo and Comare

best tools for round brushing and straightening hair, comare and CHI

The brush on the left, the Comare 100% boar’s hair brush, I’ve had for several years. It’s a great brush and I’ve always used it for round brushing my  hair and blowing it out.

Just recently when I got my new extensions in, I picked up a CHI Turbo roundbrush. My hair is shorter so I felt the size of the Comare was a little too big. I was glad I was willing to try something new.

The bristles of the CHI Turbo are further apart, which means more air flows through your hair while blowing, and the blow dry is faster. But they are not the really spacey plastic and metal bristles, which I’ve never liked and which are not as gentle on the hair. The holes in the brush also help the air flow through instead of around the hair, reducing frizz. The barrel is smaller so it’s a little easier to work with on a shorter angled bob.

This brush is a great investment and I’m confident people who like to round brush blow dry their hair will love it.

The further apart spaced bristles also aid in a sleeker finish while straightening the hair.

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6 thoughts on “Comparison of Two Roundbrushes – CHI Turbo and Comare

  1. Hi, Melissa–Although boars head bristles are popular, the CHI brush is much better for your hair, especially, for blow drying and styling. Boars head bristles can pull and stress the strands of hair. When I worked in the salon, we never used those type of brushes…


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