Trades of Hope Giveaway!!


It’s a Giveaway!!

A very special giveaway.

A Trades of Hope Giveaway!

Everyone deserves a chance to change the world. Never heard that before? It’s something I believe. Not all of us have been gifted with super genius or super talents that are going to make us famous, powerful or super-influential. There are a lot of dreams and hopes I have that are yet to come to pass. But in the mean time, I can change the world in dozens of little ways that will add up – like drops of water adding up to a waterfall.

Telling people about trafficking and organizations that are ending it is one of these ways.

Trades of Hope is one of those organizations that shines out of the dark in the heroic strides it takes to end trafficking by prevention and by rehabilitation of rescued victims. The main way they do this is by starting co-ops all over the world employing the most vulnerable. They are making a difference in thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives.

I cannot say enough about this company or their products. Everything is superb quality and beautifully artistic. Last week I got my purse and necklace in the mail. This week my compassion entrepreneur and friend KarieLee is helping me host a giveaway! The scarf came today and you can see how beautiful it is. This scarf (valued at $26 retail) could be yours (you’ll get a new one – I”m modeling my gift). ย If your budget is as tight as mine – this is a great way to be introduced to this company without spending a dime!


Every Trades of Hope product has a powerful story to tell. If this scarf could talk, here’s what it would tell you: Nepal is one of the poorest countries and women are stolen and sold into the sex trade by the thousands. Parents are even afraid to send their daughters to school for fear that they will be taken. The artisans that make these beautiful scarves are being trained to own their own business. By buying these scarves you are creating a markets that allows these hard working women to be entrepreneurs that can feed their families! As women of Nepal become less and less vulnerable, they will cease to be targets of evil people. They thank you for being a lifeline to help them out of poverty.

This week you can help without even spending a penny! When you win this scarf and share its story with others, you are helping to create awareness for this wonderful organization which is changing the world.

Made in Nepal – 70×20 Hand-loomed silk and cotton.


So how do you enter to win this beautiful scarf that will go with almost anything in your wardrobe in almost any season?

You have to do ALL of the following 3 things.

1. Share this facebook post to your facebook.

2. Like my facebook page! (doesn’t matter if you’ve already liked it – I’ll just be double-checking to see if you’ve liked my page).

3. Leave a comment (here or on the facebook post).

You have to do all 3 to enter! I know – really hard, right?

I’ll choose a winner the end of next Friday (most likely will be notified on Saturday. You have until midnight Friday to enter).

Here is the link to KarieLee Visser’s site, and facebook page.ย ย She has been working with Trades of Hope for quite awhile supporting these amazing women and families and selling beautiful TOH merchandise! If you need jewelry, scarves, or household decorative items please consider her lovely store.



Thank you for caring about trafficking by reading this post, entering or anything else you might be doing. And thank you for supporting my blog.

16 responses to “Trades of Hope Giveaway!!”

  1. Wow this is the best giveaway ever because you are helping people by buying this scarf, well done Marisa ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hey doll, awesome giveaway for a great cause. I have entered and shared your post on my Blessing-Co page. “Everyone deserves a chance to change the world” Love it! XO


  3. I’m not sure what I’d do with a scarf in Africa, but who doesn’t like a free giveaway? And for a good cause, too. Keep up the good work, Sis.


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