Trades of Hope Sonia Striped Bag and Silver Strands Necklace


Guess what just came in the mail? My Sonia Striped Bag and Silver Striped Necklace – generous gifts from Trades of Hope and the compassion entrepreneur I hosted the party for. I had my eye on both of these beauties and think they go so well together! The bag is amazing quality – you won’t find this sort of thing at Target, Macy’s or Kohl’s. The fabric and stitching are gorgeous. I’m going to do a more detailed post of each of these items. But for now – thank you Trades of Hope and KarieLee, and all my customers who bought from the party – these items are so beautiful and it was great partnering with you! I’m excited about what Trades of Hope is doing and I will be a continuing customer and promoter of this Brand and Organization. Incredible quality and products with a purpose!


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