My Real Techniques Brushes – love.

My favorite brushes. Brings me joy every time I wash and use them. There is no bristle fallout and they never stop being their soft usable luxurious selves. I use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day laundry detergent and it works like a charm. Like Rockafeller (or was it Carnegie?), when I ask myself when I will have enough brushes, the answer is – just one more. Now he wasn’t into makeup brushes, but you know what I mean. 🙂

my real techniques brushes sam chapman pixiwoo my real techniques brushes sam chapman pixiwoo
Some of my makeup in my little bathroom. Some good stuff here. Paula’s Choice, Tarte Cheek Stain – things that make me feel comfortable and secure – like an old friend that you can expect to be there for you. Foundation and tinted moisturizer that won’t melt on hot summer days and cheek stain that won’t look fake and powdery.

10 thoughts on “My Real Techniques Brushes – love.

  1. Real Techniques brushes get amazingly good press all over the Net 🙂 I would really love to own some. How much are they? I’d have to work it out with a terrible exchange rate so hopefully they won’t cost me a fortune.


    1. Agreed! The only bristle fall out I ever saw was the first day of the foundation brush of the core collection. I do not ever use this brush though. It’s the one weird one in the whole collection.


      1. I did a video where I was demonstrating this brush for foundation and when I watched it play back Nate and I were just laughing and making fun of it – it was like “3 minutes later – she’s still applying foundation.” Contouring sounds like a good use for it. 🙂


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