Pinterest – Trades of Hope and Other things I love

I wanted to share with you some favorites from my pinterest pins.

Bright, colorful, artisanal, artistic, expressive, whimsical – all of the following are items I am craving from Trades of Hope. – an organization that empowers women out of poverty, prevents trafficking, and helps gives victims new lives and aftercare. You can help end slavery and buy them from any Trades of Hope reseller, or from my own Trades of Hope party – today’s my last day! Ask me for an invite or sign yourself up here., (ending June 15, 2013).

deepaqualayerednecklacebig fa665367bad924be131efc35f34068ae flowerbowlbig haitibraceletbig karinecklacebig StripedBag trileafearrings 42d18fbdecc0d398dd58805fa243cb72 fbe86f1df40d1954156629b526dfafa9

Rescue the hopes & dreams of North Korean refugees! Grab a shirt that provides protection & aid to North Korean refugees hiding in China ►


This shirt, lip color and hairdo combination says elegant, feminine and lovely.


Is it bad to be pleased with my own haircut? After all my hair woes, I think not! 🙂 Happy and thankful for beautifully blended extensions.


Mixed metals.


8 thoughts on “Pinterest – Trades of Hope and Other things I love

      1. Awww! That’s cool thank you 😀 it would definitely look super. What’s the main reason you’re doubtful? Been thinking of getting a helix piercing for a while but don’t have the guts.
        Got my lobes pierced when I was small and the sound still creeps me out when I think about it. I can’t even imagine what piercing bone must sound like. ICK! Igh now i’m thinking if what that would sound like. Stop brain!


      2. Awww Anouchka that sounds terrible!!!! Argh! I’m not sure – I think maybe it’s another layer of complication – another thing to buy and keep up with. My life feels complicated. But they would be so pretty. 🙂 Or maybe I’m a big baby.


      3. Haah it’s true though, the extra complication. 😛 I became lazy with it too.. right around the time I started losing 1 earring every single time I traveled to family. Now I lost so many favorites i’m like NEVERMIND THEN.


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