The gift of Grandfather

This is what good blogging is – thanks Danalissa.

Melissa Troyer

Some people are a part of your life forever.
Even if they are taken away far too soon.
Like my dad. Or brother.

But other people are still a part of who you are, every day, far across the miles.
Like my grandfather.
One of the few men in my life who has always been there.
Not that I can see him as often as I like, ’cause he lives on the other side of the country.
But those hard working hands, and his tender heart have helped mold my life into who I am today. 


Some of those valuable lessons came through my mom.
The endless stories of her helping him move irrigation pipes,
learning that hard work is an essential ingredient to life, that God is most important.
Some of those molding moments came simply from the safety I always felt out at the farm.

ImageIt was a…

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