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Thanks to Anouchka for this fun idea: Weird Scents Tag:

Cigars. These remind me of my childhood. There was a neighbor who smoked a cigar – it was sweet and heavy and so delicious. I didn’t even know what it was – because nobody in my family smoked cigars. It was months before somebody told me.

Now when I am walking around in a store or park or something I say, “Mmmmmmmm, cigars.”


I’m with Anouchka on Chlorine. Can’t help it. My childhood’s crowning glory was bible quizzing. You heard right. The church I was in made a highly competitive sport out of memorizing Bible facts. There were these boxes someone rigged, with red and green lights. I loved being on the green team. You would hit your buzzer, the light would go on, the judge would call your Id = “Green number 3”. You would rattle off your memorized answer to the question. If you were really good, you had the questions memorized and would buzz in before the question was asked to finish the question, and then answer it. We were really good. We had all the cards marked exactly where the Judge needed to get to before you knew it was THAT question and no other. It’s a huge shame nobody ever took and uploaded a picture of a quizzing box – a hijacked briefcase really, with four green and red lights and buzzer pads that looked like sewing machine pedals but smaller.

What does this have to do with chlorine?

Because being qualified to go to state or regional championships was the only time I ever stayed in a hotel when I was a child. And hotels had pools. We would swim for a couple of hours, stay up all night studying, and compete the next day.

So Chlorine smells like victory. And random Bible facts. I have a state championship medal, and some other precious memorabilia from my life as a quiz champ.


Oh yeah, victory.

My dog. She smells like dog shampoo, dog food and rawhides. She smells like a dog I suppose, but a clean healthy yummy one.


Garlic crackling in olive oil.


White tea.


New books. I loved school. I loved my new school books. I always opened and smelled each one.51v+a1RGldL__SL500_AA300_

Rubber Tires. When I was in Africa, almost every smell was foreign and strange to me and I was soon homesick. Then in the back of a LandRover I smelled it – rubber tires. A smell of my homeland. Something familiar. I’ve loved them to this day.


New Violin Varnish.

Don’t be fooled – it is a new violin.


New Clothes. My yellow and white shirt from my Marshall’s shopping trip still has this smell. It’s sleeves – do I have to wash it?

20 thoughts on “Weird Scents Tag

  1. Love it! Anouchka and I have talked about smells, like old garages and grandma and grandpa’s house – stuff like that. I love the smell of chlorine and bleach too, it smells like clean. Cigars smell awesome, unlike ciggy smoke. Fun post Marisa!


      1. Haha – they’re so great – memories maybe? We played lots in the garage when we were little, or Dad worked out there on the car or on woodwork and we could join him.


    1. Yup – not a dirty dog! And yeah, to this day chlorine smells like bible quizzing to me. I was a deprived little kid! No hotel swimming pools for me unless I memorized 100 or more cards, haha! 🙂


    1. It totally should be. And all I can think of at this hour is that it should have been Stephen but wasn’t (that’s just a theory I know – some say if they would have waited instead of casting lots, it would have been Stephen, and that Stephen had way more to do with the beginnings of the early church than did the man for whom they cast lots – which I think my inability to remember his name proves!), but was some guy named Matthew or Barthomelew, or was it that guy who went with Mark when Paul didn’t want to take Mark on the journeys anymore because Mark was too soft? Horrible, right? But to be fair, it is not one of the bible quizzing cards. I don’t think. I can almost quote the verse though, “when they had cast lots…him they numbered among the twelve.” I should never have approved your comment. Or I should have waited until morning. No swimming pools for me.


    2. I knew it – Matthias. Matthew is close enough. Not for bible quizzing though. It would have been an incorrect. That’s why I kept thinking Matthew was not quite right, and I stabbed around and came up with Barthomelew, one whose name is a tongue-twister. 🙂


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