My Birthday – by Nate

When Nate picked me up from DC airport after visiting my sister and family (Tim’s Graduation), he celebrated my 32nd birthday this way. All the following images are new additions to the house. The bouquets are arranged by Nate. There were so many bouquets (made up of two larger ones), that I kept finding them after this photography.

The house was beautiful. Nate said for 2 of the 3 days I was gone the house was a mess, as he simply pulled everything out of closets and cupboards and threw it everywhere. Then he went through it, hauled “many boxes” to Goodwill, and organized the rest back into where it belonged. He said, “I missed you too much to do anything else, and wanted to work on your birthday present.” After organizing the house, he filled it with the things in these pictures. It was an overwhelming birthday present.

Awwww…How did I get so lucky? Thanks honey. I don’t take your extra special love for granted. And I missed you a lot, too.

15 thoughts on “My Birthday – by Nate

    1. Yup he’s a pretty special guy. He can be a big tough guy and then a really sensitive guy one minute after another, or all at once. He makes me very happy. 🙂


      1. aww thanks Melissa! I felt like it took me forever to find him – so I really cherish him. And when I brag about him I’m not trying to annoy other people, I just feel like he deserves it.


    1. Yeah he is and I am very lucky. Haha, sometimes when I say, “You’re an awesome husband, Nate.” He grins and says, “I know I am!”. lol! But if you are, you are! 🙂


  1. Awww whaaaat oO you know I always tell Hippo the best part about a present is him picking one and thinking about it. Not me saying “I want that” and him getting it. You know?
    But this really beats it all. So much effort!!


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