Trades of Hope

I am having a Trades of Hope facebook party. It’s through my own personal page, not Wear Your Vitamins. It profits artisans all over the world that have been delivered from lives of slavery, trafficking, and extreme poverty. I have never been able to emotionally escape the facts of the horrible slave trade or sex trade, so instead I advocate for these women, children and sometimes men or families as often as possible. It just makes sense that I, a girl who loves beauty, purses, and other feminine fashion and household works of art would use this as another avenue to help and promote the cause of organizations who are actively rescuing human beings from exploitation.

Check out this wish-list Sonia Striped Bag, perfect for summer:


The Sonia bag is made by lepers in Bethany Leper Colony whose lives are being changed with dignity and love. When you buy this bag, you are giving hope for a new life.

And these stunning delicate earrings! I love them.

trades of hope tri leaf earrings

These tri leaf earrings are created by young women in impoverished villages to prevent them from being tricked into the sex trade or sweatshops. When you buy these earrings, you are empowering women and preventing horrific abuse.

Wish that jewelry was a normal and necessary business expense!

redeemed necklace

The necklaces are made by women who are trafficked to the US from other countries promised jobs as actresses and dancers, but tricked into a vicious cycle of sexual abuse. These girls have been delivered from the industry and receive aftercare, counseling and life skill training. When you buy this necklace, you are empowering women and facilitating healing and restoration.

These are just some of my favorites! There is so much more at my Shop to End Injustice Trades of Hope Online Event. Check it out! 🙂 It lasts until June 15th.

Let me know if you have any questions. By the way, you can buy these things even after my event is over, but you’ll have to find someone having a Trades of Hope event.

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