My Pixie to Inverted Bob with Extensions Experience – Trans4mation Salon

Hair Before – Pixie Cut. [to fully appreciate this, you might want to check out this post: ]

Hair After – Inverted Bob. Definitely the healthiest looking one I’ve ever had.

What the gentle extensions look like – no tugging. They lay very flat. I don’t feel them. They are very light.

20 responses to “My Pixie to Inverted Bob with Extensions Experience – Trans4mation Salon”

    • Kate I am so so happy with the results of the minoxidil and the extensions. I can’t believe what the two together accomplished and I can’t believe I’m done with wearing wigs. It makes me feel very confident.


  1. Seriously, you look so good with any hairshape! Agggggh xD i’m still a big fan of the pixie though ^_^ you really remind me of AmΓ©lie Poulin in that.


    • I had to look up Amelie and I like the fun cute perky look! πŸ™‚ I am just so glad now that I have options and think I will probably be changing a lot. Thanks Anouchka!


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