The Finish Line will be worth the Marathon

Credit: i am legend crossfit

This post is inspired by a blogger-friend’s journey to lose weight and get healthy.

Hi! Your journey reminds me a lot of my journey (with my husband) to pay off date. We came to our senses one day while sitting in a financial peace class and realized that we had $120,000 of debt (consumer loans, student loans and personal loan). We had an income of $29,000. We were overwhelmed. This class changed our lives. We went from feeling like we were drowning to getting a plan. We also took a scissors to our credit cards. At first we thought it would take 11 years to pay off our debt. Magic started happening. Our incomes went up. Little by little things got better. Today after less than 3 years we have paid $81,000 and have $39,000 to go. There are times we mess up and stray from the budget. There are times we don’t make a debt snowball payment and can only manage minimum loans. But we keep putting one foot in front of the other and I know we will get there. Once you focus on a goal like you and I are – once you get to the end you’ve learned an endurance that few people have. The finish line is going to be worth the marathon.

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