By Enduring

I don’t know why this Wednesday seems gloomier than other days the past few weeks when I’ve really been very level and happy for weeks.

Maybe it’s because it’s seems too long until the weekend, and it’s my first week of getting up at 5:30 to work out and I’m tired. Maybe it’s because it’s been a few Fridays since I’ve been paid (oh the life of a freelancer). Maybe it’s because, though we’ve come so far in our debt payoff goals (from $120,000 to $39,000 since June of 2010), we still have $39,000 to go. Maybe it’s because it’s been two months since we were actually able to make a debt snowball payment because of unfair taxes (yes, I think it’s unfair to charge unemployment tax – whose bright idea is it to tax the stuffing out of people who are brave and create jobs?). Maybe it’s because I just really wish my best friend Nate was home to work with me (a treat I get a few hours a month – Nate works from home). Maybe it’s because I feel like there is all this creativity inside me and I have about 12 blog post ideas and 4 youtube video ideas and no time to work on them because I’m too busy. Busy doing things I like, yes. I like graphic design. But I like blogging and music soooo much.

Hang in there. Get through this day. I think Wednesday night might be our new date night because Thursday night is one of our gym nights. So hang in there until a fun date night tonight with Nate. There will be good food at home and maybe Season 3 of Psyche. And today some time should publish her weekly Wednesday post to make us laugh (see how I’m looking forward to it). 🙂

And some day we will pay off our debt and buy the house at Walden and adopt and have a successful business we work in together and maybe even a successful blogging and youtube enterprise….ok so maybe I’m dreaming but I know some of those things will happen and think all of them could.

I’m not just a dreamer. I’m a dreamer with plans and work ethic.

Happy Wednesday lovely blogger friends.

2 thoughts on “By Enduring

  1. This post was so encouraging to me Marisa. I’m relating to your pains of not being able to get to certain creative things because you’re too busy, or in my case, too sick. I don’t know, it’s just the perfect post for me to read on my Wednesday night, since its Wednesday night here in Japan, and since I had a really discouraging day….. All that debt would certainly make me discouraged and you go, getting up at 5:30AM!!??? Very awesome. Rock on. I need some of your work ethic!


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