Monday Morning Nail Color Pairing Inspiration

Sunday night found me doing my nails instead of making a video tutorial.

I love the nail color pairing I’ve been seeing lately. It makes the decision of what color to wear so much easier. I can choose two colors instead of one. Oh the luxury. Also, because I keep my nails really short for playing the violin, it’s a way I can get another color without doing tips, which I would dearly love. A friend gave me pretty sparkly tips a couple weeks ago, and I totally blanked out and forgot I had to play the violin a week later. I tried really hard to play with longer nails. But in the end, I had to chop them off. 😦

Just because I can’t paint my nails doesn’t mean I won’t.


Then I paired all my colors into possible pairings for the future. I like this trend. Which pairings appeal to you?

Happy colorful vitaful Monday!

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