Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – Deepset Eyes

So I’ve been asked to demonstrate deepset eyes. I’d love to, but the one who requested has never sent me a picture. 😦 So I will do my best to do this post and put together some picture inspiration.

Clinique has a great little tip for deepset eyes. They recommend to avoid dark shadows and I agree. You already have a deep contour, so you won’t be needing to use dark colors to add contour. The shadow of your eyes will darken the color you use. So I would use light for the base, and pretty medium colors for the contour – things like bronze and medium shades of green, earthtones, any color that flatters your skin really!


This picture of Angelina Jolie demonstrates how just a slight shade difference is emphasized by the deep contour of her eyes.

KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2010 - Arrivals

Katy Perry, who I think has deepset eyes (it’s hard to tell with all those false lashes) really demonstrates Point #2. Something else that I think helps emphasize the strong points of deepset eyes is lower lash liner. Use gold or green or reddish-bronze something other stunning color and don’t be afraid to smudge it out a little thicker at the outer edge. The darker the color, the more you want to keep the smudging towards the outer edge. If it’s a light color, like gold, you can use a wide smudge of color even in the inner corner, because gold will brighten the inner corner of your eye and therefore brighten your whole eye.

Katy Perry’s lashes brings me to point #3. Emphasized lashes look good on any eye and deep set eyes are no exception. You want to draw attention to the center of your eye and mascara does that and brightens your eye, a good thing for any eye but definitely helpful when you have deep set eyes. Mascara will emphasize your beautiful bright eyes. I think that’s why Katy Perry wears such dramatic lashes. You can use a good thickening mascara to offset any shadowy-ness. (By the way, I have NO contour and would love the chance to play with color and this eye-type).

The thing with deep set eyes is to brighten and stay away from colors that will make your contour look even deeper.


1. lighter shadows, medium (not dark) for the contour if you use a contour color at all.

2. lower lash liner – use a bright color, either by itself or along with a thinner darker color

3. Lashes! Emphasize those lashes.

Here’s the little step by step direction from Clinique.

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – Deepset Eyes

  1. Hey girl! Thanks for doing deep-set eyes! Loved the tips! I’m sorry I never sent you a picture. I didn’t have a good one. You could swipe one of fb. 🙂 maybe


      1. Naaah….I’ve never done them before. I like my Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes and Tarte Gifted Mascara for length and definition. You look beautiful on all your pictures!


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