Sonia Kashuk Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss Swatches

DSC07848 (1024x768)

These are my eureka moment in lip glosses. I made a scene in Target. My husband had to drag me away.

Below are the three colors I own: Magical Mulberry, Prettiest Pink, and Coveted Coral

DSC07839 (1024x768)

Magical Mulberry:


Prettiest Pink:


Coveted Coral: Sorry about the blurriness in this one


As you can see, they are high pigment. High shine. But I promise they are not sticky or overly thick. At least for me. I’ve been using Nuance lip glosses because I craved the hydration, but they are thick and sticky compared to these, and don’t have half the color. A high end lip gloss that I’ve always liked, Tarte, doesn’t come close to this kind of pigmentation, and the hydration and texture of these is a few notches (if not more) above. UPDATE: I messed up. This is not entirely true. The most hydrating of the 3 is Nuance Lip Gloss. When I wore these Sonia Kashuk lip glosses the first few days, I was wearing my standard emollient underneath (I always do and put it on without thinking). When I ran out, I found out that no lip product (except for Nuance) hydrates my lips on its on. But the Sonia Kashuk lip glosses are so much more pigmented I can’t help but love them.


If you’re going for pure hydration though, and don’t want another emollient on its own, then I would recommend Nuance. Tarte is lovely as well, and it’s a close contest between Nuance and Tarte for hydration, but Nuance wins it for me and is a fraction of the cost. Neither is extremely pigmented. For that you need Sonia Kashuk. And the wonderful texture of Sonia Kashuk lip glosses and the fact that I ALWAYS wear a balm means that the Sonia Kashuk lip glosses are the most fun to wear and favorite of mine. The Sonia Kashuk lip glosses hydrate very well along with a balm, while the Nuance lip gloss can hydrate on its own, but then you don’t get the intense pigmentation. Wearing a balm is second nature to me and I don’t think it’s a high price to pay for being able to wear pigmented silky lip colors, and for hydration Sonia Kashuk will even stand in in a pinch when you don’t have or don’t use your balm. Also, like I said, I like the texture of the Sonia Kashuk glosses a little better, as they sink into the lips more and don’t stay thick or sticky on top of the lips.


This is harder than Algebra!! It’s a good thing I like Algebra.


So out of all the lip glosses?  Sonia Kashuk and Nuance are probably my favorite. Tarte is a close third. Also my mood varies a bit with the days.


“Infused with Glycerin, Fatty Acids and emollients to hydrate lips and Papaya Fruit Extract, a natural skin softener, this multi-tasking gloss enhances skin’s elasticity and protects lips with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.” From Sonia Kashuk’s website.  I love the sound of that. And they are only $8.99!

Magical Mulberry:

DSC07850 (1024x768)

Prettiest Pink:


Coveted Coral:

DSC07844 (1024x768)

Sonia Kashuk’s Website – more information.
Price: only $8.99.

10 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss Swatches

  1. This is one of the first posts I’ve seen on the Sonia Kashuk glosses! The first color looks especially lovely. The formula sounds SO good… for me, the main benefit of gloss over a more pigmented lip product like lipstick is the hydration they provide – the more hydrating, the more I find I reach for it!


    1. I am TOTALLY with you! hydration hydration, I can never get enough. And yes, magical mulberry is my favorite color and I wear it so often. 🙂 Great for my pale-yellow-undertone skin. 🙂 Thanks for visiting! 🙂


    1. Thanks Anouchka! A photographer I am not. I’ve considered paying Nate, who is very good. But I figure I get him involved enough already with all my projects! 🙂 And I’ll take any encouragement I can get. 🙂


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