Rachel McAdams Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration, springey purples and pinks


Begin with a blank prepped canvas, freshly washed face with skincare applied. If you use lotion, your makeup will turn out much better.

blank canvas

1. Prime the skin with your favorite primer. Mine is Paula’s Choice RESIST Ultra light super antioxidant concentrate serum, silicon-free! Because I believe your primer should have skincare benefits and be chock-full of vitamins. Also, this serum is a fantastic eye cream, brightening and smoothing the area around your eyes.

DSC07855 (1024x768)

2. Use a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone but keep a fresh and sheer look to the skin. You can cover up imperfection later.

3-tinted moisturizer, apply with hands dab around eyes

3. Because I used a TM, I can now apply my foundation only as needed, keeping the skin fresh and sheer. I used Paula’s Choice Best Face Forward, good for oily skin, and applied only to blemished or scarred areas.

4 - foundation only where needed

If you are going to use powder products instead of cream, use a LIGHT dusting of pressed or loose powder. There are many wonderful options to choose from.

5 - pressed or lose powder center of face b

With my Real Techniques Contour Brush, I applied Tarte’s Amazonian Clay pink blush to the apples of the cheeks, not my favorite way to apply blush but it matches the picture.

6 - blush - amazonian clay  pink blush

With my Real Techniques Kabuki brush (open), I applied bronzer to the temples, cheek contour, and jawline.

7 - bronzer across outer temples, cheek contour, and jawline b

I used my pressed powder (only use a finely milled powder for this step), to apply a base to my eyelids. This holds the shadow without the heavy or tightening effects of a primer.
9 - finely milled powder on eyelids as base works really well, paula's choice pressed powder is one option b

I used my finger to apply the medium purple shadow (pictures of palette below), to the whole base of my eyelid, just onto my crease and below.

10 - the medium purple from pop portfolio across eyelid using finger, all over base

Apply the same purple all along the lower lashline with a Real Techniques smudge brush.

11 - the medium purple on lower lashline using real techniques smudge brush, from inner to outer corner 12 - the medium purple on lower lashline using real techniques smudge brush, from inner to outer corner extend the corner

Apply a dark brown or plum colored eyeliner pencil to the waterline.

13 - plum or brown or almost black liner on the water line

For the perfect shade of pink, apply Sonia Kashuk’s Ultra Luxe Prettiest Pink to the lips.

14 - sonia kashuk prettiest pink ultra luxe lip gloss - perfect b

Apply lots of coats of mascara for Rachel’s long eyelashes! (A good non-irritating one is Tarte Gifted). And there you have the finished look.

finished rachel mcadams look





7 thoughts on “Rachel McAdams Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration, springey purples and pinks

    1. Thank you – I had so much fun as purple is one of my favorite colors and I haven’t had a purple eyeshadow recently…and then I saw this! 🙂 And I honestly didn’t think I was a pink lipgloss person but this has changed my mind.


  1. This is so beautiful and I had to look up these brands because my facial skin is not faring so well these days. I can only wear mineral based makeup, but something’s missing because I’m breaking out… Aaaand, I can’t get the flawless look you do. I need to write down your steps! I do have one suggestion for the final steps… I think Rachel used a touch of black eye liner… juuust a touch. But then again, I always have to finish with at least a little black liner somewhere… It’s just me. Lately I try more natural looks and I like those, but I always like the definition a little black liner gives to my eyes.


    1. You’re right! The plum stuff I put on the waterline is not nearly black or dark enough. 🙂 I’m very flattered that you think my look is flawless. 🙂 I have experimented a lot over the years but still find lots of room for improvement. I have to say the Paula’s Choice ultra light serum has been a wonderful find.


      1. I’ve never tried that… I have much to learn from you! Anything I learned was from an ancient 6 week Mary Kay cosmetic course when I was selling it five years ago… I feel like I definitely haven’t changed with the times.


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