Paula’s Choice has amazing customer service!

I have to share this with you because I think it is more than good – it is outstanding.

I just called Paula’s Choice saying that I had ordered the tinted moisturizer and the foundation and that they were both too dark.

Rather than having me send them back and then order new ones and then potentially find out the new ones were the wrong shade, she sent me (free of charge) 10 samples of several different shades of each product! The order total should have been about $11 including shipping.

Also she said that the 15% off coupon will be extended for me, until I decide which products to buy and as I also have some other things to order.

She also hinted that I might not even be asked to send my incorrect colors in, which is a huge relief as I previously spent $7 on samples and also ordered these products along with shipping to try to find the right shades.

I’ve never heard of a company doing this much for a customer.

And when I get the right products I can’t wait to review them for you.

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