Doesn’t That Make Life A Story?

This perfectly articulates what has been burning inside of me for months. Awhile ago I put on facebook,”The minute you begin to think positive thoughts, hope and faith-filled thoughts, the world becomes a better place.”


Every time I finish reading a book, I open my notebook and copy down sentences and paragraphs that I have liked and underlined. I say underlined because I am not much of a fan of using highlighters in a book; instead I use a pencil and ruler. Sometimes I think that in the world of technology that we are living in this is a waste of time. But there comes a moment in my life when I am stuck and can’t move on, so I refer to my so called ‘quote diary’ and start reading and somehow I feel better afterwards. I have quote diaries (notebooks) that are older than my own kids, dated back to my high school days. I even use the quotes in my blog posts to further emphasize my point.

On Friday the 15th of February, I was surprised to receive a comment from the person…

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