Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – the Grammies 2013!



Carrie Underwood looked stunning and classic at the Grammys – and one of the few whose dress (in my opinion) was more ladylike and glamorous than trashy (along with, of course, Adele, but I’m not sure that I liked Adele’s dress – even though her makeup was awesome). I know a lot of people were making fun of the “dress code” this year, but by the looks of things, it just gave people more to talk about when it was so blatantly disregarded or at least pushed to the limits by many. I’d rather be an alien, like Florence and the machine, or “my grandma’s couch” as Adele’s dress was described by one reporter.

Florence and the Machine:


Adele with sophisticated makeup and individual dress style winning yet another grammy:


Katy Perry’s new look suits her much better and intrigued me. I might have to attempt that one, too.


Beyoncé made me smile. Kudos for the fresh clean sweet look:


OK so I’m inspired by at least 3 of these looks. 🙂 Can you tell which ones?

On another note, it made me happy to see how fun.’s incredible unique and eccentric style goes along with their unforgettable sound (I had never seen them perform). I don’t think you can deny how talented this group is, and I’m glad they are finally making enough money to get out of their parents’ houses. I was glad they won a grammy, and I was glad Chris Brown did not win any, and I was glad for Carrie Underwood as well. I like Miranda Lambert, but I don’t know if she can take the song Over You back from Cassadee Pope.

Am I the only one who thought the water pouring down was both awesome and wondered if they had to throw away their guitars and piano?


Sometime after all this I headed off to bed. Some unfortunately let all the fame and flashing lights shine a spotlight on their lack of values: Like gross misinterpretation of dress codes. I love music and art, and appreciate the musicians who really kept it all about the art.

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – the Grammies 2013!

  1. I’ve really been inspired to go for a cleaner, more natural look the last few months. I’d never went anywhere without my black eyeliner, and now I’m happy with Mascara and a very pale, creamy shiny eyeshadow. IT’s so fresh! I like that Carrie Underwoods look is so clean, yet she has that glamourous smoky eye. The rule of only making one feature of your face a “statement” if you will, is usually true! Anyway, It’s my Tuesday morning and I’m just rambling because I got up early to get my day started and my mind is already racing 100 miles an hour.


    1. That’s a tough one because the ones that I have found are a bit pricey. Everything from the Tarte line is perfect for my eyes and I have the same problem you do – (itchy watery eyes). I like Tarte Gifted and Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes. I managed to find Tarte Gifted on Ebay for $12, which is a bit better than the usual price (I think it’s around $19). I am very eager to find a more budget friendly natural mascara for people like me with watery eyes and when I do my blog readers will be the first to know! 🙂 Thanks for the comment.


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