Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – Anna Keranina in Pictures and High Speed

This is the tutorial from last week’s inspiration. It’s Keira Knightley’s Anna Keranina world premiere. Her makeup artist was Lisa Eldridge.

Start with skincare. My happens to be tinted, but I’m trying to find a replacement, as I just use it for skincare. My awesome mauvey-neutral nail color, if you must know, is Sonia Kashuk mauvin’ on up. Did I tell you how much I love Sonia Kashuk products? They are so affordable and worth it. $4.99 at Target.


After Tarte Tinted Moisturizer, Inglot Foundation in YSM 41.


Apply soft grey over base of eyes. I used Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush and Inglot 501 DS.

grey eyeshadow

Apply grey under out corner of eyes using a detailer or eyeliner brush. Mine is Real Techniques.

grey under eye

I then applied an Urban Decay UZI (charcoal grey) pencil in the same place – all along in the top (except for inner corner), and on the bottom of the outer edge.

another layer of intensity

Using the Real Techniques eyeliner brush, I applied a dark black along the top and the outer edge. This picks up where the soft grey and UZI pencil left off underneath the eyes to intensify the color closer to my eye, but I applied it in basically the same area. I used a wider brush with the grey and smudged it out softer. Now I have three layers of grey to black with greater intensities getting closer to my eyes, concentrating on the outer corners.

black shadow with flick

fleshy eyeshadow

Blending together the orange and the plumy-red color from above (Inglot 407 Pearl and Inglot 74 AMC) , I made a “fleshy” toned color that I applied just above my outer V. This would be the top part of the crease. For me, it’s just above my crease.

fleshy eyeshadow demo

Highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes is a must for me with almost any look. My highlighter color is the palest one in the pic above. (Inglot 08 Shine).


Brows are another must, and so easy with the Sonia Kashuk eyebrow quad. I love it. It was some of the best $10 I ever spent. I blend several colors together, usually adding a few strokes of the reddish-brown to bring out the tone in my hair.


Peachy-pink or pink blush. I like pink with grey-scale eyecolors. I see it a lot.

pinky or pinky peach blush

As many layers of lip products as you need to find the perfect color – which sadly, I could not quite achieve. But I liked the outcome anyway.

as many colors as you need to make a pinky fleshy color

And this is the outcome:


OK I know it’s not Anna Keranina or Kiera Knightley. But that’s why I always say inspired by, see?

13 thoughts on “Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration – Anna Keranina in Pictures and High Speed

    1. It’s Tarte Amazonian Clay. It came inside their holiday palette puttin’ on the glitz (2012), but I think they would have a similar color sold separately. It looks very pink, and then when you put it on it looks good with almost all skin tones.


  1. I have that blush too. It’s the only one I use. It does look really natural on me; I’m kind of olive in skin tone. For me blush is about the most important thing I can put on. It sooo helps me not look as tired. Your eyes looked so good! It really opened them up.


    1. Doesn’t it? Eye makeup really livens my eyes and makes them look younger and bigger – I just about can’t go without it. 🙂 Yeah that blush is really great. It fits all skin tones I think.


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