Help! I sharpened my eyeliner pencil and now it’s only half the size!

Urban Decay 24/7.

Possibly the best eyeliner I’ve ever tried. Certainly my favorite pencil at the moment.

Whenever people say that, I want to know what else they’ve tried.

Nuance gel eyeliner (what’s gel about it?), Sonia Kashuk eye pencils (not bad! but still too hard to get color out of), Smashbox eye pencils, Wet N’ Wild Color Icon eyeliner….Bare Minerals eyeliner…..a bunch more I can’t remember the name of, because I’ve tried so many through swap.

They go on so smoothly and rich in color, and their staying power is quite good. This is what a wear on a daily basis now. Either Underground or Uzi.

But I’m becoming not so much of a fan of pencil eyeliners in general. Because one day after I got my new 24/7 UD eyeliner in Underground, I had to sharpen it. I think it shrunk to about half its size. 😦 I’m on the hunt for alternatives because I am so tired of sharpening my pencils once, and forever thereafter refusing to sharpen them again. Then they become quite useless. They have got to be the least economical way of buying eyeliner. And when I find that alternative, I promise I will tell you.


It is not not that much bigger than the mini. No original to show.


But the swatches are beautiful:

Flash (left) and no flash.

Uzi (the charcoal) and Underground (the brown).

WP_20130118_008 WP_20130118_007

10 thoughts on “Help! I sharpened my eyeliner pencil and now it’s only half the size!

  1. I am quite fond of UD Pencils. What brand of sharpener are you using? I generally go for the ones of the brand of pencil I am using. So NYX sharpeners for NYX pencils, UD sharpener for UD pencils. I find that sharpeners are designed for their own brand of pencils. And then my pencil does not run out so quickly….


    1. I didn’t know that! I thought all sharpeners were basically the same. I thought there were skinny ones and fat ones and that was about it. I will definitely try that! I will let you know if it makes a difference because I really do like this pencil a lot.


      1. Yeah, I definitely find that using the brand for the brand of pencil you are using makes a difference. But that’s just me. You should give it a shot. I know that the one for NYX is designed for the NYX Jumbo Pencils. And the UD one is very sharp.


  2. You know what I noticed the same, I have some UD Pencils and I do own the UD sharpener I don’t know if mine is defective but my pencils lose their shape and I end up with round point pencils that do not apply a fine line…


      1. It comes in a pot! Usually they come with a brush (like a lip brush), too. Maybelline has a really good one that I quite like. Higher end brands I would recommend are the ones by shu uemura (Painting Liner), Benefit (cream shadow/liner), and Bobbi Brown. 🙂

        Would love to try these though; great pick of colors!


      2. Oh ok! I have tried Tarte. Said they were waterproof and even though the color payoff was beautiful, I found them quite smudgy. So thank you for leaving other suggestions, as one thing would probably be true and that is that they would last a long time. I like things that last.


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